OwlTing: UI Design for Website & Application

Owlting leverages blockchain technology to improve food safety. We support the cause and showcase their brand, clarify offering, and improve the UI for their customers.

The Project

OwlTing sets out to transform real world commerce by leveraging blockchain technology to build applications that streamline data tracking, verification and management. Inspired by the idea of reducing food borne illness, OwlTing’s supply chain provenance platform allows companies to share a product’s journey directly with customers. Not only does this drastically improve product traceability but it introduces a level of transparency throughout a product’s journey that meets the increasing demand of consumers wanting to know how a product is made and where it comes from.

Solid’s team partnered with OwlTing to design the web interface for companies to track and manage supply chain data and to design the mobile experience for consumers to view and track a product’s journey.

At Solid we guide our clients along their journey, providing insight, experience and reliability. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients at every step along the way and are able to pivot mid-stride when needed to keep on track. Having worked with members of OwlTing in the past, we were chosen for this project based not only on our application design capabilities but also on our proven ability to meet and exceed project goals and expectations.

Goals & Challenges

As OwlTing continues to expand their product offering and functionality there is a need to quickly get to market with an MVP (minimum viable product). This means timelines are short and the MVP needs to be flexible to allow for room to evolve as features are added and customer feedback is captured.

“Solid Digital is an agency of thinkers and doers. They have been instrumental in supporting our product development, not only executing tasks but providing valuable insights. Their team is diligent and delivers at a quality level that exceeds expectations. In short, they are an absolute joy to collaborate with.”

Nick Ost, Director of Marketing, OwlTing

Our Approach

To meet fast turnaround times and maintain focus on key components of the MVP we began this project with a collaborative discovery and strategy session. This allowed both teams to walk through key components of the MVP, discuss items that had the potential to impact timelines or integrity of the product and come out of the work session with clear direction and alignment on goals.


The collaboration during the discovery phase resulted in minimal feedback cycles, kept the project on schedule and established open communication between teams. With regular check-ins throughout the project we were able to quickly discuss and resolve open items to ensure the final design met the needs of OwlTing, their stakeholders, customers and end users.

OwlTing is using blockchain to improve transparency in food traceability, allowing companies to provide the proof behind their marketing of products. With our dashboard design, companies can easily and intuitively see which products customers are scanning, how often and in which location. For customers scanning products, a sleek mobile design lets users quickly view a products journey from start to finish before it reaches store shelves.

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