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UX Web Design

User focused design is not new and the best UX web design agencies use this lens in order to create a website distinctly for your target audiences, addressing their challenges and offering them solutions, valuable resources and information they care about. Using customer journey mapping, our team creates not just pages, but a tailored onsite experience for an enhanced experience for them and improved results for your marketing team.

Our Website Redesign Process

Our website design process follows four steps: Learn, Strategize, Create and Grow. Throughout each phase, our expert team of designers, programmers, marketing strategists, project managers and copywriters work in collaboration with marketing leaders and their teams to ensure understanding and agreement before moving forward.

Process Step 1


Prior to any design, we use the learn and discovery phase to gather information about marketing goals and objectives and find out about the industry, organization and competitors. We also conduct research and interviews, hold a technology assessment, determine V0 schedule and conduct preliminary design checks. All of this collaboration is vital for both teams before moving forward to the strategy phase.

Process Step


The strategize phase can be likened to planting a seed and watching the roots begin to form beneath the soil prior to the plant sprouting above ground for all to see. Ideation is key here as the visualization of a full sitemap, wireframes and a styleboard come to life. Using what we’ve discovered in the previous phase, our team can begin to map out a navigation structure, content and SEO plan, as well as the style direction and design of specific pages.

Process Step 3


Once consensus has been reached and approvals signed, the website building begins in the create phase. This is where the major production work starts and key pages are developed in the CMS, technical integrations are added and design elements, images, illustrations and copy are added onto the pages of the website. Reviews, revisions and QA will all occur here prior to any website launch.

LVL3 Process Step 4


Some web design agencies stop here. The website is launched, and after thank yous and pats on the back, the engagement ends. At Solid Digital, we consider the launch of your new website only the beginning of your next phase of Digital Growth®. More like the grand opening of a new store, we can now utilize what we’ve built for greater brand awareness, engagement and conversions. To us, it’s the moment your brand has been waiting for to really shine and do the work it was always intended to do.

Websites Built for Digital Growth

How can we be both a website design agency and Digital Growth agency? Well, to us it’s simply a continuum. Once you have a website – built for UX, lead gen and created to grow along with your business – the way in which you use that website is what makes all of the difference. It may never see the light of day in SERPs or it could give your buyer personas a new reason for switching over to your brand. Our Digital Growth program was created to help marketing leaders and their teams obtain continual, sustained online growth. Through a proven set of four KPIs, established objectives, habit building actions, worksessions and more, our data-driven approach helps brands stay relevant in a competitive online space month after month and year after year.


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