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The Digital Growth™ of Therapeutics Associates

Since redesigning their website, Therapeutics Associates was determined to keep their forward motion. Solid Digital redesigned their website, and encouraged them to work toward their goals of patient acquisition and regional expansion, and track their progress through the data-driven Digital Growth™ program.

Project + Goals

Initially, Therapeutics Associates presented the scenario to Solid Digital: they needed a website that would help them grow, both with patients and with added clinic locations. With the new website fully launched, they made the first steps towards those goals, but the marketing team was still not showing the full value of their efforts, and the website’s successes and areas of growth were just beginning.

Both teams kept up the collaboration to allow for greater growth for Therapeutic Associates. Solid Digital provided additional guidance around:

  • Content strategy
  • How to research and use keywords for better SEO
  • Increasing organic traffic to both blog pages and clinic location details pages
  • Conversion rate optimization

Therapeutic Associates wished to use Digital Growth as a tool to remove any barriers toward future expansion.


With their site’s new framework for flexibility, Therapeutic Associates was ready to exceed even more expectations. Solid’s team dove into the process of Digital Growth by running the initial metrics and digging into the why behind the data as well as recommendations and priorities. The marketing team at Therapeutic Associates watched as their Digital Value improved from a 6.98 in August 2021 to a 30.37 today—a massive 335% positive change. The Digital Growth program also helped Therapeutics Associates in the following ways:

  • Reaching monthly content publishing goals of 10+ pieces per month
  • 36% increase from lowest to highest recorded number of monthly organic website visitors
  • Consistently reaching monthly Top 20 keyword goals

More than doubling the goal completion target (online form completions in Analytics) to keep growth going with new patient appointment requests across their 90+ clinics


Marketing Team Objective

The first part of Digital Growth is finding out the marketing team’s objective, and determining what will work best to boost their brand. By working through the Digital Growth Worksheet and going through an exercise to determine desired future state (for the website and the marketing team), adding more value to clinic stakeholders emerged as a driving force.

Content Strategy

A content strategy was developed using SEO best practices, along with data on what was already working and what was underperforming. Because Google cares about providing users with relevant information, the website’s Ask an Expert posts turned out to be helpful, readable, and extremely search-engine friendly. The Q&A pages were ranking and performing better than most blog posts—so Solid’s team encouraged more content in that category, including those using high-volume keywords. Question-style queries like “Why does my ankle hurt after surgery?” were utilized to bring in even more traffic for musculoskeletal issues and conditions covered in their website content. The users were then led further on their journey to find a PT clinic near them and request an appointment.

Solid Digital’s team also worked to pull more data on local clinic page’s rankings to better position them for SERPs when “physical therapy near me” or a geo-targeted search is queried. Looking at search volume and ranking, and looking beyond “where is the physical therapist” location helped pull more volume on some of those keywords, and helped direct SEO terms for the site. If a term wasn’t ranking well, the teams turned to Google paid ads for a boost. Using research and data, they put their efforts where it would be most effective.


Placing their efforts where they had the most impact was vital to Therapeutics Associates’ growth for the sales funnel, from visibility to engagement to conversions. In order to keep up with the 10 content pieces minimum goal in their Digital Growth plan, one staff member at Therapeutics Associates’ was the sole owner of that task. Monthly Digital Growth reporting showed high-volume keywords ranking just out of the desired rank, bringing more focus to the task. Thanks to data and analysis, Digital Growth helped make an even bigger impact out of that particular effort.


When Therapeutic Associates began the Digital Growth program, their marketing team wasn’t recognized by leadership, and weren’t attributed with much value or success. Now, thanks to digital growth, all 90+ clinics’ directors and staff see what the exceptionally agile website can truly do—ending 2022 with higher clinic volumes YoY and helping with overall business and growth across all aspects.


The Partnership

Solid Digital’s team continued to elevate the website according to traffic levels and page popularity—the design team helped make iterations for engaging page designs and improved the UX vital to organic traffic. Additionally, quarterly work sessions helped Therapeutic Associates stay on track and to gauge results along the way, even including an A/B testing work session.

Because Solid Digital is a full-service web design and digital marketing agency, they were able to pull in their experts: designers, developers, and technical SEO specialists to audit the website and make recommendations based on data. This helped keep the website up to date, improve UX, and work towards business goals. (For example, when Therapeutic Associates needed new talent, Solid Digital helped set up an A/B test with a home page pop up to guide job seekers to the career page.) Every member of Solid Digital’s team can help—from messaging to design to the backend of the site. Solid keeps everything working at an optimal level to help the website evolve to meet the additional needs and goals of the client. Additionally, Solid Digital was able to fill in any gaps as Therapeutics Associates’ team makeup ebbed and flowed throughout the relationship.

Solid Digital’s partnership through the Digital Growth program also provided one-on-one meetings with the team leader and team members, providing more access to resources they don’t have internally. This toolkit allowed the content manager to learn more about keyword research and best practices, and helped the team learn how to better use the Google search console for the data and analytics needed to continue on their growth trajectory.

Digital Growth in Action

Solid Digital was able to take a new website and hit the ground running, but Therapeutic Associates didn’t have the best way to identify successes and areas for growth. Analyzing and focusing on consistent data points each month allowed a clear picture into Therapeutic Associates’ online presence, and Digital Growth provided a clear path forward based on those insights. Now, Therapeutic Associates is exceeding targets with the number of keywords ranking in the top 20, and doing more of what works based on testing and data.

One Example

One of Therapeutic Associate’s posts on the top hikes in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) ranked well and brought in a lot of organic visitors. The success was due to the specific trail names that came up as keywords, where they had a high ranking. Now, they have posts on mountain bike trails. These posts are meant to help people who are active to 1) find what they’re looking for; 2) bring users to the site from the SERPs; and 3) reach potential PT patients. Without content goals and regular data analysis with the Digital Growth program, they wouldn’t have known what was working and why, and how to replicate that success.

High Points & Higher Points

At the close of 2022, the organization had done well overall in reaching new patient appointment goals for YoY volume increases. By January of 2023, the patient volume at clinics was up a healthy 12%. Additionally, the website and marketing were recognized as a big part of the company’s success. The value of the Digital Growth program—and the marketing department—was as crystal clear as the data points directing Therapeutic Associates’ online presence and path forward.

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