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Cryptech: Refined Website Redesign

Solid Digital worked with Cryptech to identify which pieces would help alleviate these pain points on their website, with a few added details to keep Cryptech’s legitimacy front and center.
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Cryptomining solutions company Cryptech offers hardware, connections, power, infrastructure, and consulting. As thought leaders and true experts in cryptocurrency, they deliver a full professional experience for cryptocurrency miners. Whereas other cryptocurrency companies have jumped onto the scene with little to no business acumen, Cryptech has been offering professional help in crypto from its start in 2016.

Cryptech came to Solid Digital, having worked with them on the newly built site for DELV, Cryptech’s sister company. Cryptech needed a partner to help them revamp their website and help them address the following pain points for their site:

  • no clear showcasing of Cryptech’s identity, purpose, or credibility in the industry
  • lack of UX strategy
  • redundancy in content and messaging
  • not built to be mobile-responsive, with added resolution issues

The issues with the previous website became clearer with each growth period Cryptech went through. One new hire identified that she wasn’t sure whether to trust Cryptech—their previous site layout, content, and stylistic choices along with repetitive copy and circular UX added up into what felt like a possible scam. 

cryptech website design case study

Client Goals and Objectives

Solid Digital worked with Cryptech to identify which pieces would help alleviate these pain points on their website, with a few added details to keep Cryptech’s legitimacy front and center.

Solid and Cryptech laid out the main objectives for the project together:


  • Tell the right value-driven story, bringing the trust factor to the forefront and conveying Cryptech’s communication and professionalism
  • Showcase metrics to qualify Cryptech as a well-established company
  • Make the message clear that Cryptech are not brokers
  • Improve the UX to effectively guide users through the funnel with a clear strategic journey (giving the info needed to want to work with Cryptech)
  • Showcase the process on the website (a Knowledge Base to point people to specific pages so they know what to expect) 
  • Encourage people to reach out to Cryptech for other opportunities or projects
  • Optimize for mobile


Users on the previous site didn’t find much value in the content or offerings. When paired with the stock-style imagery and graphics, user trust and company credibility was lacking.
In order to fully showcase their expertise, they needed to communicate all the services they had beyond hardware: consulting, power, and hosting—all part of their larger goal to help drive the crypto community forward.


In order to build user trust, Solid worked with Cryptech to tell the right story, emphasizing partnerships, safety and advancement. Because crypto mining and currency is a newer technology, there isn’t much government regulation. Cryptech cares about the safety around their products, often working ahead of the curve to ensure they’ll be ready for regulations and rules when they’re put in place.

On the home page, a display of company metrics helps portray a picture of a successful company including a stat of 124,000 ASICs sold (ASICs are a specialized circuit used for mining Bitcoin). Additionally, outlining exactly what they do helps categorize them outside of bitcoin brokers—they don’t buy, sell, or trade bitcoin—they just help miners mine. With the top navigation indicating Hardware and Solutions as their two main buckets, it’s clear that Cryptech is there to help, advise, and supply solutions.

Additionally, the new graphics helped with credibility. Centering around a new color palette that’s cohesive with new icons, it shows connectedness (not repetitiveness) between the pages. Adding the Our Story page and showing the team was helpful to show who Cryptech is: highlighting their history, their process, their technique, and their forward-thinking technology. By providing photos of (and quotes from) the team, the user can begin to trust the company.

With improved UX, site visitors can see the typical Cryptech process on the website, with the Knowledge Base pointing visitors to specific pages of interest. The new layout of the site also encourages visitors to reach out to Cryptech for anything related to crypto mining: opportunities, projects, even energy suppliers, and connections. 

cryptech website design

Working together

Having worked together before on the sister site, DELV, Solid Digital had a sense of how the Cryptech team functioned, and what might be needed most. Cryptech has an excellent sense of both their audience and how they want to present themselves.

Solid’s team brought design and UX options to the table for Cryptech’s highly visual team so they could “know it when they see it.” With plenty of feedback and collaboration in the process, the mini-working sessions through meetings and calls helped both teams focus on what was going to work best.

Cryptech was also finishing up a logo refresh, with a roughly drafted brand guide; and after asking Solid about color choices, they landed on a sage green—markedly different from popular crypto company competitors, who typically use black backgrounds, with purple, orange, and blue for their palette. With green, Cryptech shows the more ecologically advanced side of their company, and abstract visual graphics show a simpler, more refined and subtle option, rather than the physical hardware imagery typically seen on other crypto sites.

Cryptech’s team worked on the website copy to bring a particular voice and tone, full of expertise. The content audit exercise (keep, delete, refresh) helped determine the structure, and helped reframe how Solid’s design team approached the site map. Solid Digital built all the pages out with copy, and presented them with the graphics and illustrations so Cryptech’s team could see everything in its place and get the full picture—similar to how the DELV project had proceeded.

Solid Digital was able to leverage the sister website as a starting point for the Cryptech site, with similar fonts, and visually cohesive elements. This approach allowed a foundation to start from, but then the teams also needed to work within those constraints to bring a similar look and feel with two separate companies.

cryptech website design


Beyond working within previous site design constraints, there were a few additional challenges the teams worked through together. Finding consensus in feedback took more time than usual, due to Cryptech’s small company size and highly detailed feedback. But Cryptech’s project manager was able to bring the team together so Solid could move forward in the design phase. 

Another difficult piece was the mobile optimization—adjusting the pricing chart. Typically, charts are difficult to translate to a mobile experience, making the chart a scrolling experience or creating a chart so small it’s unreadable. Solid’s team created a chart that became cards—easy to read, with all the important info still intact.

cryptech website design

Final Results

Cryptech’s team is happy with the new UX and interface. The short and sweet (and effective) site got positive feedback.

Solid’s team helped create multiple ways for Cryptech to communicate their expertise: through a news section for press releases and through their blog. Solid also helped them create a Knowledge Base, where miners can find accurate answers about mining, equipment, set-up—nearly any crypto topic for miners. They also gave Cryptech the capability to post videos of the CEO at speaking engagements and conferences.

Together, the teams were able to create a fully mobile-friendly pricing page for an easy user experience and a unique “Our Story” page, helping differentiate Cryptech even further from other crypto company websites. 

All of this came together to underscore the trustworthy, professional, and consultative experience that Cryptech offers its customers, now fully reflected on its new website.

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