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As a marketing leader, you know your brand. You also know how you want your brand represented online. When you inherit an outdated website that doesn’t match your current brand, or your team doesn’t have access to make necessary updates to website navigation, copy or design, you’re missing out on utilizing the biggest asset available for visibility, engagement, and conversions.

As an agency, we make it our job to help B2B brands in Seattle get there through a website redesign process custom-tailored for producing results, and a collaborative approach to ensure your website will be easy to edit and update so that it can grow with your company.

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Our Web Design Process

We create impactful and user-friendly digital experiences with purpose


Brand Discovery + Digital Strategy

We’ll educate ourselves on every little detail about your industry, organization, and business goals.


Personas + Sitemaps + Wireframes

With the end goals in mind, we create a strategic blueprint that defines the strategic approach. 


Wordpress Design & Development

We collaborate closely with your team to design and develop an award-winning website.


Consulting + Tech Support + Optimization

Your Digital Growth® journey is just beginning.  Let’s build marketing strategies that work!

Some of our clients

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Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the best Seattle web design company for my brand?

Choosing the right fit for your brand and your team is vital. A website redesign project requires both your internal team and the agency’s team to collaborate, working closely together to reach the best possible outcome. At Solid Digital, we believe that culture fit is a good starting point. We ask potential clients about not only their business objectives, goals and challenges, but about the culture of their organization as a whole, the makeup of their marketing team and what is important to them in choosing a digital agency. We encourage marketing leaders to do the same – ask questions, meet people at the agency and make sure you feel comfortable before moving forward.

What is your web design process?

After over sixteen years as web design company serving Seattle, we have a very specific process created to meet the needs of our clients. It starts with a learn and discover phase where we collect as much information as possible about your brand, industry, customers and goals. Only then do we move to the strategy phase where we build and share a sitemap, wireframes and styleboards to discuss and review. After revisions are made, the create phase begins and a new website comes to life.

Once a website is launched, we believe that’s the beginning of the next phase – Digital Growth – where the website is utilized to it’s fullest potential for driving leads.

How long does a website redesign take?

We work with SMB and enterprise brands who have current websites. The exact length of time utilizes a timeline for the process of learn, strategize, create and grow. While the learn and grow phases are typically the same amount of time regardless, the strategize and create phase can vary based on the size and complexity of the website. Your brand team should expect an eight-week timeline or longer for any custom website redesign. We can provide more details once we meet with your team and learn more about your project.

What CMS does your web design agency recommend?

We build almost all of our client’s websites in WordPress using Elementor. From a development and design perspective, this allows for the aesthetic and high-performing sites our clients require for their brands. Just as importantly, a site built in Elementor with WordPress is easy for marketing teams to manage and update on a daily basis. Our goal is to empower all marketing teams to own their websites without the need of an outside developer to post and make edits.

Recent web design projects

Therapeutic Associates was looking for a web design agency to redesign and redevelop its website to achieve an engaging user experience that was both easy to navigate and educational.

Working in close collaboration with the LivCor marketing team and a wide range of stakeholders, Solid Digital got to work on bringing LivCor's goals to life.

Solid Digital’s work with Ajinomoto concentrated on aligning brand messaging and improving customer experience through a consolidated macro website build and a fully-redesigned customer portal.

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Ready to take your website to the next level?​

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