Welcome Software Website Redesign

Welcome was looking for a brand refresh and distinct visual identity that, along with an engaging user experience, served to establish its clear market distinctions.

A Contemporary Vibe with Staying Power

The field of marketing automation software is getting increasingly crowded with providers that offer a range of variations on services that fall within the category of marketing automation. Welcome needed to stand out and convey that it was similar, but superior to the other players. This objective was pursued on a few different fronts that included a distinct vibe and visuals that were both compelling and contemporary, along with an illustrative style that had staying power and stood to become recognizable within the market as unique to the Welcome brand.

W3 SilverWinner!

The w3 Awards honors outstanding Websites, Marketing, Video, Mobile, Social, and Podcasts created by some of the best digital content creators across the industry. Solid Digital was awarded a silver award for imohealth.com website redesign.

Fine Tuning for Growth

A fine-tuned marketing orchestration software platform designed to free marketers’ creativity by efficiently integrating planning, campaign collaboration, budgeting, content creation, distribution, reporting, and measurement, Welcome rebranded in 2020 from the former NewsCred that was founded in 2008. Currently serving B2B clients whose marketing teams exceed 20 individuals, Welcome’s growth trajectory is directed toward becoming a well-known brand across multiple markets.

Fast Access to the Facts that Matter

The formerly content heavy user experience also needed to be pared down with sharpened messaging that appealed to a clientele noted for a creative bent, and an appreciation for tools that managed many of the organizational details that tend to bog down creative endeavors. Long content blocks were broken up into fun and snappy snippets that resonated with the pain points of the audience. Building upon Welcome’s theme of Marketing Orchestration, a consistent thread of music metaphors guided visitors through the site with headers and descriptors such as:
  • Keep your teams in rhythm,
  • Speed up your campaign and content creation tempo,
  • Monitor your marketing like a true maestro,
  • Connect your stack and harmonize your work, and
  • Ready to Rock?

Injecting the Human Touch

The Solid Digital team drew inspiration from Welcome’s existing color palette and brand guidelines in ways that included running with the logo’s purple script-like font throughout the site, with a treatment that looked like the casual insertion of handwritten comments throughout the pages. Key points and phrases were underscored with splashes of color that resembled the markings of a light purple highlighter. Adding to the human elements on the pages, design elements such as squiggles and dots on the page looked like they could have been doodles made with the same highlighter.

Scalable Smooth Animations

Six custom animations for the site walked the user through specific benefits and functions of the software and served to further leverage the “we get it” messaging and vibe. Leveraging the distinct illustration and design style, the animations pointed out the particular pain points for marketing teams and ways in which the Welcome Marketing Orchestration solution could drive greater efficiencies, while creating more space for creativity, along with better collaboration tools and tracking capabilities. The Solid Digital team’s use of Lottie vs. traditional GIF animations allowed for superior scalability and frame rates. While GIF files rely on pixels and frames for animation, Lottie files use vectors which result in no loss of quality from compression, appearing smooth at any size and speed.

Success Factors​

As a web design agency that works closely with marketing departments, the Solid Digital team was thoroughly in alignment with the pain points and solutions that the Welcome platform addressed. Solid Digital’s enthusiasm for the Welcome solution combined with the client’s receptivity to new ideas fueled a high level of creative alignment. The collaborative spirit and marketing acumen that the Welcome team brought to the engagement powered productive exchanges throughout the process, leading to an outcome that exceeded expectations and raised the bar for a fun, high energy digital experience.
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