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Toys "R" Us: Streaming App Development

Before the end of the iconic toy retailer, Toys R Us provided an on-demand streaming service focused on kid-friendly titles. We had a lot of fun creating their app for the Samsung Smart TV platform.
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Toys”R”Us Movies is a kid-centric digital entertainment service that offers instant access premium video content including movie releases and TV shows for rental and purchase with no subscription required. Through the service, customers can seamlessly access content on a wide range of Internet-connected devices from multiple manufacturers.

Solid Digital’s team partnered with Rovi to develop the Toys”R”Us storefront using Rovi’s data platform for all digitally-enabled TVs, Blu Ray players and home theater systems

More Work

A digital entertainment service, GoChip offers premium video content on the go. We design and develop the backend and client applications for their entire OTT solution.

Mobile and online tools were needed to align the brand's digital experience with the already spectacular in-person experience. 

In 2009, Solid Digital became a leader in on-demand video delivery for over-the-top (OTT) services. One of the many brands we built apps for was Best Buy under the CinemaNow name.