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Who We Are

At Solid Digital, we believe your brand’s website should be a reflection of not just what you do, but who you are, what your purpose is, and how you help clients and customers. We work with marketing leaders and their teams to create an online presence that is meaningful, sustainable and valuable for your brand.

The most common challenge we hear from marketing leaders is that they have inherited a website that doesn’t match their brand. It doesn’t look modern, it doesn’t tell the right brand story and it doesn’t speak to the primary audience needed for engagement and conversions. This results in an under-performing website as measured by any KPI. When this occurs, partnering with a Denver web design agency focused on user experience (ie funneling users through an intentional journey) is a must.

As a website design and digital marketing agency in Denver, we consider these elements to be essential, but only if performed in the correct order. Digital marketing efforts cannot succeed if you are sending website visitors to a site that doesn’t speak to their pain points or engage them. We liken your website to a store; spending precious time and resources to drive shoppers to a messy store or one that doesn’t help them find what they are looking for would be a waste. And so it is with your website. Once you have a website that you as a marketing leader are proud to show off – you can bet others will see the value as well and, in our experience, we see digital marketing performance improve exponentially.

If mile high growth is a goal for your Denver-based brand, we’ll help your team get there through a website built for user experience and increased engagement, and a digital marketing program created to build habits, measure impactful KPIs and take action based on data and learnings.

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We Can Help Your Brand at Any Location

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Our Web Design Process



Brand Discovery + Digital Strategy

We’ll educate ourselves on every little detail about your industry, organization, and business goals.



Personas + Sitemaps + Wireframes

With the end goals in mind, we create a strategic blueprint that defines the strategic approach. 



Wordpress Design & Development

We collaborate closely with your team to design and develop an award-winning website.



Consulting + Tech Support + Optimization

Your Digital Growth® journey is just beginning.  Let’s build marketing strategies that work!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when choosing a Denver web design agency?

We believe that marketing leaders and teams should choose a digital agency that helps them achieve their goals (while having a positive experience getting there). To that point, we recommend finding an agency that is a culture fit for your organization. Focusing on the agency’s communication style, responsiveness, team makeup and expertise can help you determine who to partner with for long-term success.

Our philosophy has always been that we act as partners and advisors. We aim to work with clients with whom we can create long-term relationships that last well beyond the website redesign to the digital marketing and support that is vital for the ongoing success of any brand’s website. A few of our differentiators are our focus on data, collaboration and proactive approach.

There are several ways we think about optimization for any website. One is search engine optimization. Another is performance optimization. Both are important for visibility and user experience.

Our SEO focus starts with a short list of priority keywords for your new website and then using a combination of on-page and off-page updates to communicate our most important pages to the search engines.

Our performance optimizations are done through careful testing and QA  by our knowledgeable programmers and designers to ensure not only good ratings in Google Search Console but a fast-running website for users.

Time to launch and price point vary by site and client due to functional complexity, customization and the size of a website. That said, once we meet over Zoom and hear your requirements, our team can give you an estimate of both time to launch and price. The best way to get there is a schedule a call though our contact us page.

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We've built our process and developed expertise around the singular focus of helping brands grow. Reach out to find out more, and help us learn about you and your goals. ​