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LumenVox: Rebranding, Web Design & Copywriting for the Future and Beyond

LumenVox came to Solid Digital as a brand new client in 2021, looking for a way to elevate their brand and create a forward-thinking, future-minded website that could drive top-funnel leads and establish a strategic journey with high-value CTAs.
Lumenvox Website Design Case Study

International technology company LumenVox has spent over 20 years developing AI-driven speech automation and authentication technology. They’ve transformed communication with a suite of speech technology that makes customer relations faster, stronger, and safer. Even while their products and solutions advanced regularly, their marketing and website took a back seat. Solid Digital stepped in to lighten the workload for LumenVox, much in the same way that LumenVox eases their clients’ customer experiences through security and reliability.

With great technology comes a great responsibility to represent it well through every channel, but particularly your business website. For LumenVox, their marketing and content simply didn’t pair well with their ever-growing, cutting-edge speech and voice technology.

Bring it Up to Business Speed

LumenVox came to Solid Digital as a brand new client in 2021, looking for a way to elevate their brand and create a forward-thinking, future-minded website that could drive top-funnel leads and establish a strategic journey with high-value CTAs. Their smaller marketing team was looking for a web design agency and needed Solid Digital to take the lead with project management for a comprehensive, full-service rebrand and new website. By elevating their brand through a renewed visual identity, specialized copywriting, and a complete website overhaul, Solid Digital partnered with LumenVox to align their marketing and digital presence with their top-of-the-line technology.

Lumenvox Case Study

Better 1 or Better 2?

The first step was to rebrand LumenVox. In order to reach clients within product management, LumenVox needed to advertise a solution that broke down the barriers to access and to utilize speech technology, making it easier for companies (or anyone) to have positive, streamlined voice-to-text experiences. To determine their benchmarks, Solid Digital brought LumenVox through a series of brand exercises to help detail their Why, What, and How. For starters, their brand needed to portray a friendly, accessible and approachable personality, and their brand’s identity needed to look tech-y, modern, and vibrant.

We used a brand personality slider to help define the brand’s attitude and style. (For example, LumenVox tended toward simple, bright, contemporary, friendly, unconventional and casual.) All of this redefining helped LumenVox internally, but also aided Solid Digital’s efforts in creating a website design and architecture that achieved the visuals, the content, and the big-picture goals the company had laid out. In addition to refining their brand, Solid Digital worked with LumenVox to identify the competition in their space, which helped create their ultimate differentiators of partnership, expertise, and approachability.

The teams had a full collaborative process including Solid Digital’s presentation of three full concepts with a full brand exploration (from web page mockups to business card prototypes) which were adjusted according to feedback from LumenVox. The chosen concept was applied to the wireframes, with the full visual branding package, including typography, buttons, gradients, forms, and different image treatments that expanded across the entire site.

LumenVox Case Study

Pain Points (and Answers)

In general, beyond a full rebrand, a big pain point was that the website was not user-centric. During the time of wireframe design, the branding exercises also informed the new copy provided by Solid Digital. The copy on the old website was too technical, and the website pages were difficult to scan and users couldn’t find information. Solid Digital created the wireframes and the main navigation (that showed the most important things for users) and wrote copy that was friendly, approachable, and just complex enough to convey the intricacies of AI speech technology. After a handful of revisions, the copy reached the perfect blend of both intelligent and intelligible.

With ever-developing speech and voice technology, the website was finally ready to grow with the company, creating applicable use cases, adding in social proof, and sprinkling clear calls to action throughout the pages to help guide the users through the journey to either 1) learn more about LumenVox, or 2) ask for a demo. The branding exercise continued to guide each choice, whether visual or structural.

Lumenvox Case Study

The Upshot

The new LumenVox website was created with the user in mind, while the company maintained its focus on forward-thinking business and technology. The copy became marketing and user-focused, catering to clientele (current or future) who were there to compare LumenVox against alternative options. (Enter the Why LumenVox page.) The visuals were sharpened with custom, abstract imagery and animations representing sound waves, along with micro-animations and hover effects that invite exploration.

The user journey was bolstered with clarification that spread to every corner of the website: clearer product descriptions, accessible use cases, and engaging, yet simplified copy that kept each page scannable. The story of LumenVox keeps the user scrolling down the page to complete their user journey.

LumenVox’s marketing team was enthralled with the results, and together, the teams managed to bring the timeline up, by nearly a full month. Both teams worked diligently to attain a faster launch, and took no shortcuts or quick fixes to stand in for the very real work of a rebrand.

Lumenvox Case Study

For Perpetuity

LumenVox’s new branding and website shows a picture of the company’s future: bright, moving, and engaging.

Solid Digital implemented a Wordpress plus Elementor tech stack, giving the LumenVox marketing team the power to fully wield their website as a tool and continue to make updates to increase their digital value as a company. The site was engineered for future growth, rather than a temporary fix.

Handling a total rebrand and a fully new website was an epic before-and-after success. Both LumenVox and Solid Digital were happy to collaborate in creating a fresh start for an already-accomplished company.

This site earned Solid Digital a Hermes, 2022 Platinum Award
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