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Mammotome: Branding, Strategy, Design & Development

Solid Digital’s engagement with Mammotome was focused on redeveloping and redesigning the company’s website to achieve a range of objectives.
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The process of designing and developing a new website for Mammotome was a multifaceted endeavor that incorporated: a design aesthetic that needed to work for multiple personas, an information architecture that seamlessly served varied objectives, development of a new client portal, multilingual translation capabilities, and a lot more.

Building upon Diagnostic Breakthroughs

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mammotome is the pioneer and leading global provider of non-invasive breast biopsy equipment and technologies. The company’s 25 year history is one of consistently building upon the diagnostic breakthroughs that were ushered in with its original Mammotome Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy System, which transformed breast cancer biopsy options.

To date, more than 5 million women worldwide have had a procedure using the minimally invasive Mammotome Biopsy System.

With a sales presence in 50 countries around the world, Mammotome continues to build upon its heritage of advancing technology for early detection of breast cancer, while providing support and education for clinicians, and offering breast care information for patients.

mammotome case study

A Lot of Heavy Lifting for One Site

Solid Digital’s engagement with Mammotome was focused on redeveloping and redesigning the company’s website to achieve a range of objectives that included:

  • Retelling the Mammotome story from the perspective of the women’s lives that were being impacted and made better as a result of the company’s innovations, vs. the previous focus on the Mammotome portfolio of products
  • A more human, and less clinical design aesthetic, aligned with a focus on greater clarity and comfort for patients
  • A more engaging, brand-aligned UI/UX and design to increase user acquisition and engagement
  • Enhanced brand recognition among an emerging audience of business analysts who have become decision makers for healthcare conglomerates
  • Translation of the site into seven different languages
mammotome case study

Striking the Right Balance for Distinct Audiences

Recognizing the vulnerability and need for reassurance among the patients for whom Mammotome products are designed, combined with the technological, clinical, or bottom line considerations that drove other audiences, effectively serving all audiences represented a significant opportunity for weighing multiple objectives.

Mammotome had decided to lead with a focus on patients, seeking an aesthetic that was feminine, friendly, compassionate and connected. At the same time, the site needed to serve as a professional, authoritative, informative, and leading-edge resource for clinicians and buyers of technologically advanced diagnostic equipment.

To help refine perspectives on both the products and the people involved in their use, Solid Digital’s discovery process included interviews with members of the Mammotome sales team. Their direct experience of being in the room with both patients and clinicians provided critical insights concerning the key persona groups.

mammotome case study

Multi-Layered Design and UX Solutions

Working from the direction to lead with a patient-first design aesthetic, Solid Digital presented Mammotome with a mood board that achieved the desired balance. A lavender and largely pastel color palette along with prominent photos of relatable women, set a very human and empathetic tone.  The creation of a “honeycomb” background that incorporated the Mammotome logo provided a unifying thread throughout the site, serving to reinforce the brand identity, while adding an additional layer of texture to the pages and creating contrast among the sections.

The soft design aesthetic served to maintain the focus among all personas concerning the company’s ultimate mission and the lives for whom its solutions were created to serve, with a UX that functioned on many levels. The site proved equally up to the task of providing clinicians and buyers of leading-edge breast cancer diagnostic equipment with the highly specialized information they needed concerning product solutions and support.

Navigating Legal and Translation Territory

Stringent and industry specific content compliance guidelines and need for regulatory approvals within the highly regulated health care publishing field presented a distinct challenge in bringing the Mammotome site to life. Solid Digital stepped up with extreme flexibility, serving as a temporary extension of the Mammotome team and helping the marketing director as needed to usher content through compliance channels.

The need to have the new site translated into six languages presented opportunities to work with teams throughout Europe. Leveraging the WordPress WPML Translation Plugin, Solid Digital managed the set up of subdomains in six different languages.

Enhancements for Continuous User Engagement

Design and development of the Mammotome site involved multiple moving parts. Distinct from the website itself but critically integrated into the customer experience was the development of a customer portal for purchasing products and connecting with support. The portal is designed to integrate with the Salesforce customer relationship management system, and allows the marketing team to track all purchases and recommend additional products based on purchase history.

The portal will also serve as a vehicle for submitting ideas and feedback — furthering the company’s mission to continually improve care.

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Success Factors

A delighted client serves as the most fulfilling outcome of any engagement, and that’s especially true with the creation of a website build that proved to be as multifaceted as Recognizing that many of the pages were inherently content rich, the client noted that the clean design and easy digestible content was a particular achievement.

Key among the game-changing factors of the new site is the Elementor-enabled content editing capabilities. The Mammotome marketing team can now easily make updates to their site, and given the varied audiences that the site serves, flexibility and speed is essential.

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