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Love and Promise Jewelers: Web Design & Magento Integration

As an online purveyor of ethically sourced jewelry, L&P’s website requires consistent upkeep of the Magento backend and competitive design and features.
Love and Promise Case Study

For the love of love

Love & Promise Jewelers are located in Chicago, IL and today, Love & Promise Jewelers has thousands of products and clients internationally. Their mission is to touch people with beautifully crafted and affordable jewelry, paired with excellent customer service. They are committed to simplifying the jewelry shopping experience of each and every one of their customers. They feel it’s their responsibility to touch, sell, and promote love from the tiniest stone to the final product.

They sell both imported and American-made, ethically-engineered and ethically-sourced products; and label all their products accordingly. Love and Promise takes going green seriously–and are making it easier for you, too. They use biodegradable solutions for cleaning jewelry in their studio, they recycle paper, metals, and plastics, and all their jewelry purchases come with recyclable gift boxes and reusable totes.

The perfect fit

Love & Promise and Solid Digital have a long standing relationship and have embarked on many initiatives together.

One of the biggest initiatives recently completed for Love & Promise was a refresh of its whole website. Solid Digital worked with L&P’s provided designs to freshen up their e-commerce site with a facelift. The goal was to update the website to better reflect the client’s light and feminine branding. This included both front-end and backend adjustments to ensure the new website matched the intended look and feel while also seamlessly communicating with the Magento e-commerce platform.

Love Promise website mobile
Love Promise website mobile

Fresh start, fresh content

Following a refreshed website, we worked with L&P to design a new WordPress blog. The client was frustrated with their existing blog platform which prevented them from producing new and topical content. We knew without doubt that WordPress would be the perfect platform for them and migrated over their legacy posts into a new, fresh design. Since setting up the new blog, L&P actively creates new content to engage its audience, publishing 3 -5 posts a month.

With a refreshed website and sparkly new blog, Love & Promise continues to stay ahead of its competition and dazzle its consumers!

“I received consistent clear communication during and between projects. The team was quick to provide options for each project and options that would be the most cost-effective. They’re probably one of the best in terms of communication and efficiency for dev teams as I have tried a few companies.”

Shirley Kam, President, Love and Promise

More Work

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