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DELV: Innovative Visual Design and Messaging for an Innovative Brand

In the world of cryptocurrency, change can happen overnight. DELV’s website was developed quickly as a placeholder, but they needed a partner to match their online presence and website with their customer-service focus and future-proofed hardware solutions.
DELV Case Study
The Background

Genesis Block

DELV, a sister company to Cryptech Solutions, was founded with an emphasis on safety, quality, and service. The Massachusetts brother-and-sister team who founded Cryptech Solutions for crypto mining in 2016, determined that safer, better hardware and customer service was lacking in the market, and thus, they developed DELV.

In the world of cryptocurrency, change can happen overnight. DELV’s one-page, sparse website was developed quickly as a placeholder to coincide with the brand’s business launch, but the team needed a partner to future proof their online presence and build a more robust site better aligned with the DELV brand and showcasing their story. Their placeholder website didn’t indicate the high-quality of their products and services, nor call out their brand’s differentiators. And most of all: it didn’t foster the trust vital to a crypto company focused on elevating standards for their clientele and the industry at large.

DELV Case Study
The Process


DELV leads the way in making turnkey mining infrastructure safer by setting new, higher standards for the entire industry with patented, UL Listed products. As an industry leader, it was vital to create a website that offered important information in an official, polished way. By comparison, many crypto companies are more transactional and not concerned with future-proofing their equipment or troubleshooting issues for their buyers, and can lack the quality, safety and service that DELV offers.

In order to capitalize on these key differentiators, Solid started up the process. After an in-person Discovery session and Google Brand Sprint, Solid Digital provided the strategy to enable DELV to showcase its brand and identity through design (drawings, imagery and treatments, typeface), and all new copy.

DELV Case Study
The Approach

Taking a Scaled Approach

Solid took a customized approach for the process in order to effectively represent DELV and meet the team’s objectives. In crypto, technical terms and specialized information are run-of-the-mill, so Solid started the copy and DELV ran with it, polishing it up and providing the insights necessary for the audience who would visit the site.

DELV was unique in their business structure as well—they care about building relationships and are reputation conscious. Providing the right information on the site (showing their certifications and quality control) was vital to building their brand online and showing their prowess and expertise in a complicated market.

DELV Case Study

Prioritizing the Process

For visuals, the design choices needed to reflect transparency and trust. Some designs were presented that were a typical style of other crypto company websites, using neon colors and dark backgrounds, but in order to stand out, DELV needed something completely different. The DELV team was highly visual, and had a clear idea of what they wanted. Using examples and having regular working sessions with gut checks, the teams fine tuned from each styleboard and created modern, clean, minimalist visuals.

For custom illustrations, DELV provided photographs for Solid Digital to create drafting-style illustrations that beckoned to a blueprint, further underscoring the transparency and clarity idea along with the quality control involved for the creation of each of DELV’s designed hardware products. The illustrations also help tell the story of the inner workings of the company—DELV worked specifically with product designers and in partnership with a US-based manufacturer to create proprietary (and some patented) hardware pieces. The end website result had a clean, intentional design that included custom illustrations and straightforward, clear language in their copy.

Behind the visuals, DELV needed to have different pathways for different site visitors. Using buckets and creating user pathways was instrumental in creating a clear delineation between current clients and inquiries. For example, on the Industry Insights page, Solid Digital’s placed a call out near the top to guide current DELV clients to client support if they needed additional information on their products.

DELV Case Study
The Challenges

Keeping the Pace

The challenge of this project was to come up with an entirely new website and narrow down options to get the right visuals, messaging and UX in place. The technical concepts and starting from scratch with strategy, design and copy motivated each team to be extremely resourceful and relentlessly pursue the information necessary. Together they created a website worthy of the hardware solutions and customer service DELV was supplying.

Creating the website together compelled DELV to prioritize specific concepts and get clear about their long-term goals. Crypto mining hardware requires a lot of electricity. Transformers, switchgear, and building codes are all part of the compliancy that’s expected from local municipalities soon. DELV is working ahead of the curve to comply with predicted future restrictions. 

The website needed to function as a resource for those who need to learn more about the imminent regulations, so Solid Digital set up the Insights (or blog) portion of the website to show DELV as a safety and quality pioneer in the industry; the content will be written to set them up for knowledge sharing, and will help them fulfill their biggest aspirations in thought leadership.

DELV Case Study
The Results

Digital Gold

With a fresh look and value-added content, the new website for DELV shows off the best components of their business: high quality, safety, long-lasting products, customer service driven relationships and super-adaptable hardware to grow along with a mining business. 

The opportunity for growth and change is built into the site so that DELV can continue to expand their base and deepen the trust in their business, team of experts and hardware using their multi-page website as a resource for all things crypto mining related. 

Additionally, with their new business principles in place, their hiring procedures and business culture is more clearly defined along with their new brand guidelines created with Solid Digital. With that brand identity locked in, DELV is able to create additional collateral to continue to stand out from the competition.

Since DELV first came to Solid, they have grown 75%, and the employees appear on the website, adding a touch of personalization, and further underscoring the trust that clients can place in the crypto mining infrastructure company. And looking forward, as the company continues to expand, they now have a website to promote and support that growth.

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