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Filmeeze: Smart TV App Development

Ever feel like a dinner and a movie but didn't want to go anywhere? Filmeeze solved this problem by providing a platform to order food and a movie through your SmartTV and have it delivered to your door.
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About the Client

Filmeeze is a world first food & movies app that lets you buy latest release movies as well as order food on demand on the same app on the latest smart TVs from Samsung and LG.

No other TV Apps offered food delivery on-demand with a movie. In a world where now over 90% of all new TVs are connected to the internet and 2m users are actively accessing the smart TV portals every week to consume Apps such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

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Secure video delivered to your home

Solid Digital was hired to deliver a SmartTV application that would work on both Samsung (Orsay, Tizen) and LG (NetCast, webOS) TVs. Users were able to order first run post-theatrical release movies and on the same app, simultaneously order food from a selection of local take-out/delivery restaurants. The video was delivered securely using PlayReady DRM directly to the TV and the food was scheduled to be delivered by integrating with a custom API.

One codebase, 4 platforms... Check!

We used our previous experience building TV applications to build an app that could share 90% of the codebase between devices and platforms, there were four in total. Our proven process of building an app once and compiling it to the target environment (Samsung, LG, Toshiba, etc) worked like a charm for this project. It was also possible to compile custom user interface elements depending on the platform, which means functionality specific to colored buttons on the remote could be custom per device/operating system.

Agile methods guided our way to an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Working with startups is unique and time to market is key. These companies only have so long to get in front of users and have to gain traction rapidly. Solid Digital was able to deliver this application in 90 days.

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Timeline for MVP
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