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Imagineering: Digital Marketing, Paid Search

Imagineering specializes in manufacturing PCBs. We help convert their print campaigns to digital and redesign their website to maximum conversions.
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We’d established ourselves as a trusted technology partner—showcasing our expertise and grit over several very complex projects—from web design, app development, and ERP integration work.

Because of our working history, Imagineering saw fit to turn to Solid Digital when it came time to seek a digital marketing partner and reevaluate their marketing strategy.

Like many organizations in manufacturing, Imagineering had devoted significant time, energy, and resources into traditional marketing—including mailers, flyers, magazine ad buys, trade show promotions, email, and more. After some initial discussions and recommendations, we’d agreed to conduct a total overhaul of their marketing strategy—redistributing the entirety of their previous marketing budget from traditional to digital.


Imagineering’s marketing infrastructure included multiple systems: Analytics w/ full e-commerce tracking (through Cetec Cloud ERP), Mixpanel, Constant Contact, and more. But despite this presence of all this complex intelligence software, we quickly found out that they weren’t being fully utilized. Website conversions (Goal Completions), for example, weren’t established in Analytics—leaving critical data related to marketing channel effectiveness out of our purview and money on the table. Additionally, we found that despite a deep knowledge of their customers’ pain points and needs, marketing efforts weren’t being driven by a centralized, documented customer profile. To address this, in the context of our website redesign project, we developed customer personas as a way to not only inform the messaging, architecture, and layout of their website, but also act as a handy reference for all digital marketing initiatives going forward.
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Our first action was conducting a full audit of their digital presence, establishing important KPIs and baselines along the way.

Analytics Goal Completions were generated and deployed, and a reporting methodology established with the help of Google Data Studio. By putting these important pieces in place, we were able to position ourselves to track our progress and make necessary strategic adjustments in real-time.

Imagineering is a great example of a large, agile, very capable manufacturer that provides bleeding-edge capabilities and service to its customers, but falls short with its own promotional marketing efforts. By reallocating their traditional marketing spend to lower-cost, higher visibility digital channels, we were able to produce immediate results.

Digital Marketing services offered include:

• On/Off-Page SEO Services
• Google AdWords Search
• Google Display/Remarketing
• Targeted LinkedIn Advertising
• Content Strategy
• Email Marketing
• Social Media Management

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When it comes to our Digital Marketing Programs, it’s important we adhere to our established procedures in many areas (thorough onboarding, research, strategic planning, regular reporting & meetings), but also allow room for strategic insight and creativity to blossom.

You won’t find us sitting on our hands and sending spreadsheets every month—outside of our monthly reporting meeting cadence, we regularly scheduled internal strategic review and brainstorming meetings, often yielding actionable strategies to move the needle on our larger business objectives.

These proactive insights and recommendations manifested in frequent and open Basecamp communication, ad-hoc phone discussions, and the occasional trip into Imagineering HQ for invaluable in-person discussions.

Supporting the Conversion

For the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry, prospects come to the table with specific requirements ready to go. It’s critical that actionable information such as capabilities & pricing are presented clearly.

As a means of initial acquisition, we spent a lot of energy re-tooling AdWords Search Campaigns to reach those qualified individuals actively searching for solutions to specific problems—but we also added an important piece, previously missing from the puzzle: Remarketing.

We knew that path the new customer acquisition isn’t a straight line—and that before signing on with Imagineering as a PCB fabrication or assembly partner, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) engineers and buyers are actively shopping around and requesting quotes from a range of competitors. To ensure we stayed in front of those who’d popped onto the Imagineering website along their journey, we deployed a targeted remarketing campaign so that those who’d previous visited received targeted banner ads and messaging based on the specific products and services they’d expressed interest in.

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Making the jump from all-in on traditional marketing channels to all-in on digital is no easy feat. We understand this transition takes an immense amount of trust, and we did not take that lightly.

Through collaborative planning, insightful ongoing analysis, and iterative strategic adjustments, we were able to make a meaningful difference in Imagineering’s marketing effectiveness. With the same budget applied toward digital marketing initiatives, we were able to substantially increase their rate of leads generated, ignite the Paid Advertising channel as a revenue generator, and supercharge organic search as a significant lead and revenue driver—with year-over-year (YOY) organic revenue increases exceeding 20%.

Channel-Assisted Conversions
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Organic Search Revenue
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Paid Search Revenue
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