Salud Auction Big Board

¡Salud!: App Design & Development

¡Salud! needed a technology partner to help them improve the auction-goer experience and maximize the impact of their annual Big Board Auction and Pinot Party.
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¡Salud!'s mission

¡Salud! was created by a group of Oregon winery owners and Tuality Healthcare physicians to address the hurdles faced by vineyard workers who cannot meet their basic healthcare needs. Their knowledge of basic health education is poor, and they are overwhelmed by the maze of complex and confusing resources available in the medical system. ¡Salud!’s mission is to fill this gap.

Their annual Big Board Auction and Pinot Party is an event designed to bring local wineries and benefactors together to raise money in support of ¡Salud!’s mission.

Our collective vision

When ¡Salud! and Solid Digital came together, we got right to work on evaluating the previous technology and developing a deep understanding of key challenges auction-goers faced in the room:

  • Seeing real-time bid status was more difficult than it had to be
  • New bids would be locked when an active bid was in progress
  • If tickets were sold out, remote attendees had no way to engage and contribute
  • The process of placing a bid require auction-goers to wait in line
  • There was no way to digital engage and promote event sponsors

With these challenges front-of-mind, our teams went to work on mapping out a technology solution that, quite simply, made the experience of attending this celebrated event that much more seamless and enjoyable.

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Big Board & mobile bidding app

The technology we implemented on the Big Board allowed us to present real-time updates without forcing auction-goers to wait for a screen to refresh, which was an important step in our mission to enhance the experience and get technology “out of the way.” This Live Leaderboard was also visible to remote attendees who were now, for the first time, able to participate and bid.

We also built a brand new mobile experience, allowing auction-goers both remote and in-person to bid on their favorite wines. Additionally, when someone is outbid, they will now be notified via text message and have an opportunity to re-bid right from their smartphone, no longer required to stand in line at the Bidding Station.

¡Salud! App Design
¡Salud! App Design
¡Salud! mobile cover
¡Salud! App Design
Big board auction
big board auction mobile

In the room

In addition to vastly improving the bidding experience, we both felt it was important to allow for a digital experience in the room that promoted cause, created sponsorship visibility, and triggered certain animations (case sold, etc.) when exciting things were taking place in the room.

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