Edlong: Web Design & Digital Marketing

There is a science and an art to creating authentic tasting dairy flavors. With their new website, Edlong tells their story so clearly you can almost taste it.

A tasteful collaboration.

Over the years we’d had the pleasure of working with various members of the Edlong team in their previous roles at other organizations on a variety of website projects and marketing initiatives. As the need to improve the Edlong.com website surfaced, our old friends saw fit to pull Solid Digital into the mix—and we were certainly thrilled to be able to dive back into the wonderful world of food ingredients.


Edlong had previously struggled with the complexities and challenges of managing multiple websites—in their case, one in English and one in Spanish—which made it difficult for their teams to update or add new content.

Additionally, their team had spent lots of time and energy developing engaging traditional marketing materials, but weren’t adequately presenting that high quality, informative content on their website.

With a goal of consolidating Edlong’s English and Spanish sites and properly representing the Edlong brand online, we embarked upon a journey to unify and elevate their digital presence.

Strategy & Collaboration.

Throughout the project we met weekly to ensure we were all in alignment on strategy and schedule.

To start, we held a strategy session with Edlong’s team to fully understand their needs. Our design team took the goals of the site into consideration and effectively placed CTA’s to drive leads. This included forms like “Request a Sample” and gated content.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to get the information that they need, while also allowing Edlong to capture leads. All of the forms were integrated with Pardot, a Salesforce platform, allowing Edlong to easily track submission data. We leveraged the The WordPress Multilingual Plugin to consolidate the Spanish + English site into one. To provide flexibility we created multiple templates allowing Edlong to tailor pages to fit their content and marketing needs.

“Solid is an awesome partner! They know their stuff and truly take a big picture approach, while also identifying metrics to make sure that what we do makes a difference!”

Lisa Drawer, Director of Marketing, Edong

Ongoing Marketing Support (Digital Growth™)

In addition to website support, creative, and technical services, we’ve also been tasked with support Edlong’s marketing team in their mission to generate and nurture qualified web leads. 

Analytics Dashboard

In order to meet our goals, we first had to create a centralized dashboard where we could track critical KPIs and report regularly on strategy and progress. To achieve this, we leveraged Google Data Studio, consolidating data from Google Analytics as well as several 3rd party sources to create a unified view of the metrics all teams needed to keep a close eye on.

Data Studio Marketing Report

Specialized Keyword Research & Content Strategy

We worked closely with Edlong as well as another of their vendor partners to provide strategic industry & competitive research, identifying key product/service-focused search terms as well as more qualified long-tail queries designed to support the effectiveness of content being produced.

Conversion Optimization & A/B Testing

We’ve also been providing ongoing A/B testing services, with a goal of increasing website efficacy and converting as much qualified traffic into leads as possible. Using Google Optimize, we’re able to conduct dynamic testing of things like page payout, messaging & copy, visual design, and more.

As a result, we’ve seen a +52.17% increase in overall website conversion rate, delivering exponentially more sales-qualified leads in the “Sample Request” category.

Chicago Digital Marketing Agency


Together we were able to make dairy technology fun and inviting. The website provides an elegant experience that drives users to want to learn more and reach out to Edlong. That elegant website experience, paired with smart SEO and ongoing conversion optimization, continues to prove a perfect recipe for success.

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