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Aginity: Product Design, Application Development & Digital Marketing

Aginity needed product design support for their innovative data analytics applications and a new website, infographics, and digital advertisements to tell their story online.
Aginity Case Study
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All of our services combined

Aginity is an innovative company providing software solutions for big data and analytics whose mission is to help individuals and organizations reuse and manage their analytics.

When we first started to work together, Aginity came to us needing user experience (UX) design help. They had a few solutions in mind and we worked to understand, validate and prioritize them. This resulted in new features for Aginity Enterprise software and two brand new products, one for individual SQL developers called Aginity Pro and one for the Aginity teams version of their product. After we finished the product design work, we switched gears to create a new marketing website and advertisements to tell the analytics world about the new products. Along the way, our technology team collaborated with Aginity’s development team to provide strategic guidance and, when we created the new website we worked together to implement an ecommerce solution.

Active Catalo

Organizations need a foundation of trusted analytics

Inconsistent, unmanaged analytics lead to many problems with data that can be a major drain on resources down the road because they are often difficult to resolve. While 80% of enterprise analytics are similar, they are re-created almost 100% of the time. Through user testing we uncovered this behavior where recreating a filter was often easier than searching for and re-using existing assets their team had used for previous reports. Recreation is a major factor in inconsistent analytics at the enterprise level.

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Proposed Approach

One of the solutions proposed was creating visibility of assets, filters for multiple data sources, across an entire organization. We knew that having a robust search function would set the product apart from competitors but an even more innovative concept was a powerful virtual discovery assistant. The discovery assistant feature suggests assets on-the-fly based on what a user was currently creating. A user could be writing SQL and the discovery assistant would be able to make informed decisions about previous assets created by a user or team members that would be useful and save a lot of time versus creating these from scratch.

Another innovative solution was providing an object-oriented development solution for SQL developers. By combining multiple objects users could create more complex operations with more consistency. This solution is even more impressive when used in Aginity’s Team product that allows a team of developers to collaborate by using a shared library of SQL objects.

Data Engineer Patrick
Data Analyst Stacy
Database Admin Brendan


We started out by learning about Aginity’s business objectives and their industry. We then developed several personas and conducted interviews of subject matter experts and current customers. We wanted to validate and prioritize the features that would be included in Aginity’s new products. Talking to users who fit our personas and experts in the industry allowed us to gain the understanding and insights we need to move forward.

Some of our key learnings:

  • The Discovery assistant feature would be very useful but would need to provide enough context in order to gain trust to reuse an asset.
  • Features that empowered teams to share and collaborate on assets were largely seen as useful.

Application Design

We took our user-centric approach to multiple features for two new products. A good example of this is how we designed the code editor, a major part of the product.

We learned from our discovery phase there are some common code editing functions that are heavily used in SQL editors. While some users prefer to have a group of UI buttons, others prefer to use keyboard shortcuts for the same functions. The nature of this tool naturally produces a UI heavy application so we explored options of grouping and scaling these interface elements to create an option that would be useful to most users.

Again we talked to users and showed them the options we created. Based on the user feedback, we validated a version that consolidated the main code editing functionality inside of the code editing window. This design grouped the functions that were specific to the work of editing SQL and turned out to be the most useful layout for the users we tested it with.

Ticktock Deploy
Ticktock Provenance
Ticktock User Permissions

Marketing Website Design and E-Commerce

After Aginity completed testing the beta versions of their new SQL Editing software, Aginity Pro and Aginity Team, they reached out to us for marketing services to promote the new products. There was a tight deadline for this project but we were able to use Elementor to create a beautiful new site that Aginity would be able to manage on their own in record time.

We conducted an analytics audit of their existing website and quickly identified what pages were getting the most traffic and why. We discovered a free software solution that Aginity was phasing out was generating the most visits. We devised a strategy for users coming back to this page as well as new users coming to the website organically to inform them of the benefits of the new products.

While the content strategy and design work were happening, we simultaneously worked on an ecommerce solution so users could purchase products on the new website. This involved:

  • Added styling to a React app with SASS support
  • Setting up product downloads for the new WordPress website
  • Supporting work with a licensing server Node app which included pushing data to Salesforce and creating software licenses via keygen
Aginity Website Shot
Aginity Website

Marketing graphics and advertising

Additionally, we created both print advertisements and digital marketing materials to promote Aginity’s innovative new products and services. These took the form of sales materials, infographics and print advertisements.

Aginity case study

An evolving partnership

We developed a deep understanding of Aginity’s vision, complex systems, and its unique users, which ultimately led to a long-term partnership with them. As they moved forward with the new products they leveraged us as their product design, technology and marketing partner to improve the products and marketing.

“Solid Digital was amazing to work with! They are a group of talented, well-versed individuals in the UX field. All of the UX designers I worked with were very good at their jobs and came up with brilliant wireframes for sometimes very abstract concepts. Though they are far removed from my company’s industry they did a great job putting themselves in the user’s shoes and asking good questions to guide their designs. Thoroughly enjoyed our time working together and will definitely think of them first in the future should the need arise.”

Trisha Rao, Product Owner, Aginity

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