Email Marketing

Send more cohesive, targeted email campaigns for more engagement.

From subject lines to your bottom line, the right email marketing strategy is one that grows your audience, engagement and sales funnel.


Our Approach to
Email Marketing

Like all of us, your target audience is inundated by daily emails. Sending what was once considered best practice for marketing outreach has quickly become outdated. We depend not only on the right subject line, content and technology, but on data that shows what works for your brand and audience. By continuously testing and reiterating, we help clients get results from their email marketing efforts.

Our Proven Process

Our goal in the learn phase is to prepare to provide insights into recipient behavior, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for your marketing strategy. To do this, our team digs in to both your current email strategy and outcomes as well as learning more about your user segments and brand.
Key steps during this phase:
  • Onboarding
  • Project Kickoff
  • Current Email Analysis
  • Database + Audience Review
After our learn and discover phase, we are able to provide insights into recipient behavior, and segment your most important audiences to create a plan for sending engaging email content. We also set targets for our team to work towards and impactful KPIs you can use to show success.
Key steps during this phase:
  • Build Delivery Plan
  • Develop Monthly KPIs
  • Strategy Presentation
  • Plan Approval
Our creation phase covers three main facets to prepare your email marketing campaigns. First, we ensure your audience is both targeted and segmented so the right people are receiving a message that will resonate with them. The second and third elements are the creation of graphics or designs for your emails and content topics and outlines.
Key steps during this phase:
  • Account setup
  • Campaign Creation
  • Responsive on-brand design
  • Audience Segmentation
Every email we craft is an extension of your brand’s identity, maintaining consistency and strengthening your brand recognition. From compelling subject lines to personalized content, we create emails that captivate your audience, drive engagement, and nurture valuable business relationships. By tracking data, we continually learn what works (and doesn’t) for improved results over time.
Key steps during this phase:
  • Email Creation (2/month)
  • Email List Management
  • Campaign Planning
  • Monthly & Quarterly Reporting & Strategy Meetings


After we complete comprehensive Learn, Discover and Create phases, we partner with brands to ensure we are driving reach, engagement and conversion goals month after month.


Email Marketing

Strategy, targeting, content and design from digital marketing pros.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing in which brands reach out to specific lists via email to broadcast a message with a goal of some sort of engagement.

We collect data for every email that goes out. We look at metrics such as open rate, read rate and unsubscribes. We also look at click through rates and engagement and conversions of those who do click through. We compare metrics across different email campaigns as well as against your other digital marketing channels. 

Our ongoing services start at $4,200 per month which includes a dedicated team, two email campaigns and reporting and recommendations based on performance data. 

Many of our clients choose Hubspot which we find to be one of the easiest to use  and best tools out there. Therefore, our primary expertise is within the Hubspot platform. However, depending on your needs, Active Campaign or Mailchimp could be a good option for your brand. We’re happy to learn more about your needs and offer our recommendation. 

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