It’s time to be creative and innovate, through brainstorming and visual planning you will be able to have a road map to success.

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Journey Mapping

Client Experience Mapping illustrates the steps that your customers go through when engaging with your company and helps us implement your goals and desires to take their experience to the next level. 

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User Flows

User flows create a visual path that illustrates how your users navigate and interact with your website. This helps map the user’s movement through the product, mapping every step of their journey from entry point through final interaction. 

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Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming opens your mind up to possibilities. A guided session can produce untapped ideas that solve challenging business problems. We find the most success while using hands-on tools such as whiteboards, post-it notes, diagrams, or even virtual collaboration tools. 

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Brand Sprint

A brand sprint can help your company find its place in the competitive landscape. Solid Digital uses brand sprints as a great exercise to collaborate with our clients to help them turn ideas about their brand into a defined brand image.

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UX Blueprints

Wireframes focus on the foundation of the product or website; they provide the navigation, content, and structure needed to build a framework that will help influence the design and overall experience of the finished product.

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Visual Direction

Defining the visual direction for a design should be a collaborative effort. Start by identifying the brand personality, draft mood boards,  discussing other sites, and reviewing current styles before ultimately creating a  visual direction concept. 

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Ideation and Vistual Planning FAQs

What Brainstorming Techniques Do You Use?

There are many different brainstorming techniques that, when done properly, can promote creative thinking, bring teams together, and help you land on the perfect idea. We use several different techniques like rapid ideation, whiteboarding, mood boarding, brain dumping, mind mapping, to name a few. 

Are Brand Sprints and Brain Storming Sessions the Same Thing?

No, a Brand Sprint is an interactive workshop that is more than a brainstorming session. We use our experience and expertise to take your team through a rapid thinking process designed to give you actionable insights. Brand Sprints are lean, fast, and give you immediate results, and they tend to be longer than a brainstorming session.

Why is Visual Planning Important?

We’ve found that visual planning is a helpful method to enhance the communication experience and provide a visual representation of the desire outcomes. It also helps by providing alignment and clarity of a plan by avoiding task overlapping and reducing miscommunication.

What are some of the Benefits of  Brainstorming?

There are many benefits to having brainstorming sessions. Some of those benefits include encouraging critical thinking, producing new ideas, boost group morale and collaboration, brings together diverse ideas.


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