Digital Content Strategy

From your website’s homepage to your latest social media post – What you say matters. Digital content strategy is a vital part of choosing priority keywords, driving traffic to your site, crafting effective messaging,  and meeting your digital goals.  

60% of Marketers

Use the same content multiple times, but only 29% say they have a strategy for doing so.

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Content Guidance / Consulting

When it comes to having a content strategy it can be difficult to know where to start. Our process of learning and discovery leads to better guidance, content creation, and results.

Our pros will walk you each step of the way – guided by our north star – improving your digital presence.

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Keyword Research

Including the right keywords and phrases on your website is vital to success in SEO, PPC and effective UX.

Do you know which keywords have the  highest search volume? How competitive they are? What is working for your competitors? Don’t craft a content strategy plan without this insight.

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SEO Content Strategy

Where do your company’s listings rank in SERP (search engine results page)? How much organic traffic are your receiving each month?

We dive into your current rankings and then build a new way forward utilizing on-page, off-page and technical SEO improvements.

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Customer Engagement

Once you have the right content in the proper channels to bring visitors to your site, you’ll need to provide unique, valuable content and improve user experience to engage. 

Our content strategy doesn’t stop at the written word. We focus on the entire customer journey – one click at a time. 

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Content Conversion

You’ll need to attract the right target audience to your website, keep them engaged, and provide a convincing CTA  before any conversion occurs. For some industries that’s a quick e-commerce transaction. For others, it’s a months-long sales process. 

Whatever your conversion rate goals, starting with the right content is the key to getting there.

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Best Practices Training

We work as partners with some of the smartest marketing teams out there! We are here to help, but we also pride ourselves on enabling our clients to learn, develop new skills and continually grow.

Our SEO worksheets and content development training is simply a part of our process – passing along our expertise to you.

solid content strategy landing page
solid content strategy landing page

Our Process

Process Step 1


Keyword research

Customer journey

Audience insights

Brand tone of voice

Content audit

Competitive research

Process Step


High-level buckets of content

Marrying content & design

Wireframe creation

Page-by-page focus

Process Step 3


Including priority keywords

SEO optimization

Unique, engaging content

Consistent brand voice

Compelling CTAs

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SEO worksheets

Training sessions

Content best strategy

Digital Growth®

Content Strategy FAQs

What is content strategy?

When we talk about digital content strategy we are referring to the overall ideas that funnel into the content development for your website, applications, social media posts and other digital assets.

The best content strategy can only be created through a deep understanding of both both internal and external factors in order to create messaging that engages website visitors and increases goal conversion in addition to being optimized for SEO.

How do I optimize content for SEO?

Focusing on a primary keyword phrase (or two) is an ideal way to start. These keywords should match the intent of the page and what you think visitors would be looking for. 

Once you’ve identified your primary keyword(s) for a given page,  include it in your page title (with an H1 tag), your meta title and description, sprinkled sparingly throughout the page copy, and in your alt image tags.

Why is content strategy important?

Content strategy is important for two primary reasons:

  1. High-quality, well thought-out content  – whether on your website or promoted on your Facebook post, is the best way to effectively communicate to and engage with your audience. 
  2. When done right, website content can significantly improve your SERP (search engine results pages) ranking and increase your digital presence. 

How does someone create a digital content strategy for my website?

At Solid Digital, we start with learning and discovery to get a better understanding of your audience,  key messaging, industry, competition, target keywords, goals and objectives, and more. 

From there, we plan, create (or update) unique, high-quality content , measure the results and optimize. 

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How Effective is Your Content?

We are ready to talk digital content strategy.