Messaging and Positioning

Positioning and Messaging

Positioning and messaging is all about determining what to say and how to say it. Can this lead to better content, thereby increasing audience engagement and online conversions? You bet your KPIs it can.

70% of Marketers

Plan to invest in content creation in the next year. 

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Content Audit

Understanding and assessing how current content is working provides valuable insights and direction. That’s why we believe audits and the data they provide are essential for identifying opportunities.

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Site Analysis

Similar to a content audit, an analysis of your current website – from layout, to architecture, to CTAs helps inform strategy to move forward and meet your goals.

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Positioning is a part of setting internal strategy before crafting external messaging. It’s a concise consolidation of key benefits + differentiators + your target audience.  Getting it right can be challenging but well worth it.

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Your messaging is what you say externally. It’s like breathing life into your positioning to connect with your target audience and encourage engagement and conversions.

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Content Creation

We guide our clients through a content creation process, both rooted in and guided by the positioning, messaging, and strategy behind it.

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Digital Growth®

Because nothing is static in our digital world, our work with clients continues beyond building content and websites to ensure company growth.

solid messaging positioning
solid messaging positioning

Our Process

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We start by understanding the basics like target audience, competitors, your business strengths and goals.

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We believe in a collaborative approach and that means working together in partnership to achieve the best possible results.

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Content, design and functionality – these don’t work with the others. Our team of pros work together to achieve award-winning results. 

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Our Digital Growth® services and ongoing dev, design and digital marketing support ensure optimization continues and evolves.

Email Marketing FAQs

What is the difference between positioning and messaging?

Perhaps the easiest way to define the difference between positioning and messaging is to think of positioning as an internal strategy (within your company) and messaging as external (outward-facing communication to the rest of the world).

Positioning vs. messaging: Which is more important?

The truth is that both are vital to the success of your brand, product, and service lines. Positioning comes first to define unique benefits and specifics of what makes your brand or offering better than the competition. Once you have that piece in place, you can build consistent, convincing communication around it.

What is an example of a positioning statement?

Below is an example of a positioning statement for our web design and development services:

For Marketing Directors who need an updated company website, our web design & development is a service centered around increasing your website’s digital value. Unlike other digital agencies who focus solely on creation, our process involves a learning and discovery phase to uncover pain points, goals, and more, as well as a growth phase to ensure your digital presence continues to expand.

What is a messaging statement?

First, let’s acknowledge what a messaging statement is not. It is not a tagline. Nor is it your long-term strategy.

It is your opportunity to connect with your audience. A positioning statement can be complicated, clunky and wordy. Your messaging statement is what you get when you take that positioning statement and boil it down to something that will resonate your target audience.

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