Web Design Planning

Building a great website begins here.

We start with a plan.

Measure twice...

To build a house you need a blueprint. The same applies to your website -- the “digital house” where your business lives online that is uniquely yours. Every website we build begins with a comprehensive planning and discovery process where we uncover what you want to achieve, and how best to achieve it, so that your site brings maximum value to your enterprise.

Design & Discovery Package

Everything you need to bring your website to life.
We create a step-by-step plan for your website that best reflects your brand, business objectives and what your users want—and shows you exactly what we’re building and how it will work, before the actual building begins.

Collaboration runs through our veins.
Our designers and developers marry form and function by working in concert with your team to envision all the characteristics of your future site--from its architecture to how the pages are laid out, the visual elements, functionality and technical requirements.

Technology drives our design.
We don’t just make pretty pages. The functionality of your website informs its “look and feel.” Our designers and developers work in parallel to determine the best design for the technology your site requires. This approach streamlines the design process and saves you time and money.

We map the way forward.
Our discovery results in a comprehensive, step-by-step blueprint for building your website, including a style guide, wireframes, detailed technical specs, and security recommendations. It also gives you the information you need to more effectively use your budget by providing you with a much more accurate cost of your project, more clarity about what you’re paying for — and ensures we aren’t missing critical pieces in your project’s scope.

Our Process

Digital Strategy

We look beyond the trends to help you determine which technologies and functionalities are most relevant to your business objectives and to your customers.
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Research & Auditing

We dive deep into your business to learn all we can about you, your customers, and your competition.
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