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“We design and build websites that reflect your brand’s personality and uniqueness. Setting you apart from the competition and becoming an asset to your organization.”

The Benefits of Solid Digital's Web Design Service

As one of the leading U.S based web design agencies, we have both the experience and creative drive to guide and build a marketing-focused website that speaks to your ideal customer.

You’ll get...

Our research-based strategy and proven process puts a plan in place to align your brand and goals.

A refined design that enhances your brand’s image and distinguishes you from your competitors.

A solid foundation that empowers your marketing team to engage with your ideal customers, while continuously iterating for optimal results.

Our website design and development process is highly collaborative and unique to each of our clients, informed by UI/UX best practices, analytics data, and a deep understanding of your business and the needs and desires of your customers.

Our Proven Process



Discovering what makes your project unique.

As we dive into the project, we hold a discovery workshop with your team to understand your industry, competition, and end-user needs. After reviewing all current analytics and data, we will collaborate with key internal stakeholders to understand more about your business, online strategy, brand standards, desired interactions, critical functionalities, typical user behaviors, and general sensibilities on a desired look and feel.

Key steps during this phase:



The blueprint for your new website.

Once we’ve deepened our understanding of your business needs and have determined how the website can best meet your objectives, we will visualize the structure in the form of a detailed sitemap and a series of wireframes. This will allow us to articulate the structure of core page templates and better collaborate on overall page hierarchy, flow, and interactions. This is also where we will establish the overall design aesthetic and tone for your site in the form of a styleboard.

Key steps during this phase:



Where it all comes to life.

Once the sitemap and styleboard are approved, ideas begin to take shape as we move on to design and development. Incorporating whatever existing assets, such as copy, images, documents, and data, that you may have into the newly created design aesthetic and templates, we efficiently move forward. Combining our design and development efforts into a single phase and designing layouts directly in the browser speeds up the process, leads to more realistic reviews, and results in more powerful design solutions.

Key steps during this phase:



Positioning you for Digital Growth.

Once we’ve thoroughly completed the quality assurance and applied the final polish to the website, it’s time to show off all of our hard work. Preparation and planning are crucial here more than ever – that’s why we apply a detailed checklist to ensure we do not miss a thing.

This is also when your real Digital Growth® journey begins. The strategy & execution now evolve through measurement, assessment, innovation, optimization, and marketing. When we build your website, we provide you with the tools to innovate and grow.

Key steps during this phase:

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