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Web Design & Development

Good design and tech is something that should be expected. We design intuitive website experiences for real people that focus on results.

Great design goes beyond just picking the right fonts, colors, and imagery. We design intuitive websites that meld form and substance into a total user experience. Great web design guides users through a compelling, seamless journey that gets them to their destination — no matter what device they’re on.

Our website design and development process is highly collaborative and unique to each of our clients, informed by UI/UX best practices, analytics data, and a deep understanding of your business and the needs and desires of your customers.


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Responsive Mobile Design

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Our Approach

Designs that motivate visitors and functionality that empowers marketers

Quality is a big topic at Solid Digital. It is really complicated when you think about it, is quality the number of bugs in the codebase? The aesthetics of a design? Was the site hand crafted from scratch?

We define quality based on if visitors are taking the actions you want them to and if marketers have what they need to create content and grow their visitor base. Good design, clean code and a functioning site should all be expected at this point, it’s not unique and you should watch out for rigid implementations that will leave you with a site that is difficult to manage and possibly underperforms. We bring the following abilities to every relationship:

Your website is an extension of your brand. We get that, and it should be built to perform

A well built website provides you with a sense of who the company is, in addition to what they have to offer. Are their values clear? Do they have a message that connects? Are they offering something of value? When we look at websites, we find that the difference between great websites and good websites depends on how well the website aligns with their brand. And as you probably know, brand goes far beyond your logo, type face and color scheme. What makes a company unique in their space should shine through and it should communicate in a way that mimics your culture and target customers. 

We understand that your brand is on the line when you work with us. It’s something we don’t take lightly and promise to take good care of it with:

You dreamt it, we can build it. We’re not your average agency.

A frequent question we are asked is if a particular website feature or idea is possible, at this point on the web and connected devices you can do just about anything. So the question has changed over time to be more about if we “should” build something rather than if we “can” build something. Our Sr. staff has an average of 15 years of experience so they’ve seen a few things. One of the things they have watched happen is the evolution of cloud platforms and frameworks that make our lives easier and how to best use them.

We are happy to provide technology assessments and evaluate which parts of your project you should build, rent or remove and ensure that the final product is inline with your overall vision. The following list are just a few ways in which we can help you:

Building a website is just the beginning. Putting it to work for you requires focus and follow through. We can help you.

Great, your site is going live! It’s an exciting time, and many questions come to mind. Who knows about it? How will the site push the needle? How will we improve and manage it over time? These are important questions to ask and if you are asking them at the end, it might be too late. At Solid Digital, we believe that launching a website is only the beginning, what you do with it from there is where the real Digital Growth starts to happen.