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Digital Growth Web was created to meet the need for more strategic website support. We help marketing teams maintain a secure, high-performing website, as well as create a proactive structure for iterating and improving their web presence.

Who is Digital Growth Web Good For?

Teams looking for:

An on-going strategic partner

Access to high-performing experts

Proactive website optimization

Website compliance and security

Budget transparency and predictable spending


What Our Customers Say

About Digital Growth Web

Digital Growth Web is focused on developing a strategic plan to keep your website relevant and aligned with business priorities as well as ensuring your website follows security best practices.

Program Features

This phase is designed to perform assessments of your website’s starting point when working with us as it compares to best practices. The following areas will be evaluated:

  • Marketing
  • Compliance
  • Design/Branding
  • Technical
  • Infrastructure
Web design & web development teams collaboration

Based on our learnings, we will provide you with a strategic plan that outlines our recommendations for the ongoing program.

  • Strategy walk-through
  • Confirm the delivery plan
  • Define KPIs

Once the plan is established, our team will begin the onboarding and preparation work needed to kick off the program. 

  • Technology onboarding (dev, staging, production access)
  • Establish the initial backlog
  • Setup of communication, management, and reporting tools

The following recurring activities will be done during the program.

  • Monthly: Resource planning, Account reviews, Client reporting, and Backlog progress & prioritization
  • Quarterly: Reporting & Recommendations
  • Semi-Annual: Strategic Audit
  • Yearly: Annual Planning

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