Discovery and Analysis

Discovery & Analysis

The discovery and analysis phase is as important as setting up the foundation before building a house, and we know you are not going to want to skip that.

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Most marketers don’t think of discovery and analysis when they are planning a website redesign. But at Solid Digital, we put a lot of time and energy into this phase. During the discovery and analysis phase, we seek to understand and align with our clients on the current and desired future state of their website.  Then work to define goals and KPIs, so we can work collaboratively towards a successful outcome.

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Analytics Audit

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool. We use it to help determine the current state of a website based on metrics such as visitors, bounce rate, goal conversion rate, and top channels and landing pages driving traffic.

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Stakeholder Interviews

Stakeholders can include heads of various divisions of your organization, board members, and more. Whenever there are others outside of the marketing team who are close to the brand, website, or customers, getting their thoughts, as well as including them in the process, is another way to ensure alignment before major decisions are made.

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Customer Interviews

Like Stakeholders, customers offer insights that have the potential to reshape the way you might view your own brand and website. 

This information informs everything from site architecture to final design.

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Competitive Analysis

When someone searches in Google for one of your products or services, what other brands do they see? What’s the messaging and tone? This type of information helps us set benchmarks and develop a strategy that makes sense for your brand.

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Keyword & SEO Research

Search engine optimization is never done for a quick win, but it’s an essential part of a long-term strategy that can make a huge difference in your SERP rankings and visibility. Identifying priority keywords, landing page URLs and more create a backbone for your site’s Digital Value upon launch and down the road.

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Content Audit

There’s often overlapping and duplicate content on one’s website (and even more found in sales and marketing materials and internal documents). Before typing a word (or removing a page), we start with a series of exercises to ensure a a successful content audit.

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Our Process

Process Step 1

Brand Discovery +
Digital Strategy

We’ll educate ourselves on every little detail about your industry, organization, and business goals.

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Web Design + Development

We collaborate closely with your team to design and develop an award-winning website.

Process Step 3

Quality Assurance + Usability Testing

Our in-depth quality assurance and usability testing process will ensure a flawless website launch.

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Tech Support + Optimization

Your Digital Growth® journey doesn’t end with deployment. There’s so much more to do!


How long does a website discovery and analysis phase take?

A typical website discovery phase takes anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks during which time our team does research, asks questions, collects documentation available from our clients (such as customer personas and  brand guidelines) and organizes findings and recommendations. 

The culmination of this phase is our collaborative Discovery meeting  – a presentation and discussion with clients to ensure we are in alignment before moving forward with creation and design.

What are some examples of website discovery phase questions?

During our Discovery phase, we really dig in! And this means we ask a ton of questions as part of the process of understanding our clients’ brands, their differentiators, their target audience and more. For example, we ask what KPIs will be used to measure the success of a website redesign project. We also ask a lot of “are we on the right track” and “are we missing anything” types of questions as we walk through our own research and analysis. This collaboration is vital to our understanding before moving on to the create phase.

What do organizations need to prepare for a  marketing analysis?

We typically ask our clients to come with any resources they already have which can be different for each organization. Helpful information comes in the form of target keyword lists and reports, brand guidelines, sales collateral, competitor lists or research, customer personas, and other materials that help guide messaging and design.

What are some of the most common website revamp objectives?

We consistently hear many of the same objectives for redesigning a website – regardless of industry. These include: updating what’s become an outdated look and feel, making a website easier to update and manage for internal teams, improving user experience, increasing contacts or leads and better showcasing one’s brand.

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