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Jesse McCabe

CEO + Partner

Travis McHattie

COO + Partner

Derek Lauritzen

VP + Creative Director

Diana K Martinez

Director of Experiences

Amber Stansfield

Director of Production

Jessica Alkass

Engagement Manager

Peter Ajtai

Director of Technology

Cooper Hilscher

Senior Software Developer

Luke Chinworth

Sr Web Developer

Rachel Brenner

Sr Project Manager

Curtis Renkiewicz

UX/UI Designer

Marla Aistrope

Digital Marketing Strategist

Dan Wright

Web Developer

Carly Vavra

Project Manager

Carly Vavra

Project Manager

Mackenzie Verrey

Project Manager

Barbara Morrigan

Visual Designer

Barbara Morrigan

Visual Designer

Miguel Seclén Benites

Web Designer

Miguel Seclén Benites

Web Designer

Ria Clement

Web Designer

Ria Clement

Web Designer

We’re rooted in our values. We live and breathe them every day. Are we a good fit for everyone? Nope, and that's okay. If you're searching for a partner that focuses on relationships, innovation, and long term growth, we'd love to hear from you.

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Solid Digital Core Values Office Mural      

Core Values

Creative Craftsmanship

We are proud of the work that we create. We always work to improve our skills so that we can provide the best solutions.

Thoughtful Collaboration

We work the same way with our customers as we do with each other. Through active listening, participation, and an open-minded approach, we collaborate as a team to discover and deploy the best solutions.

Dependable Service

We are client-focused. We clearly set expectations and keep our promises. We go above and beyond.

Honest Guidance

We offer up our very best ideas with no agenda. We take the success of our clients and each other seriously, and freely offer honest advice.

Awards + Affiliations

We take pride in our work, and sometimes the world takes notice.