High5 Slack App

An easy way to appreciate your team.

Effortlessly give out high fives right in your Slack channels. Show your appreciation for big and little wins with random high5 gifs.

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A place to quickly appreciate each other.

Our team lives on Slack. It’s great for quickly checking in on project work, but it’s also been a fun place for us to get to know each other better.

Our Director of Experiences, Diana Martinez, loves to use the platform to ask fun questions (like: what song reminds you of summer) or publish acknowledgements of great things our team has done.

One of the most popular channels on our Slack account is #hifives. A place where we share appreciations for individuals who have helped us out. Since we know a thing or two about tech, our CEO, Jesse McCabe, decided to create a Slack command to make it a little more unique. We turned it into an app, and hope you’ll use it with your team!

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How to use it

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Start by typing the simple command for the high5 app, /high5.

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After you’ve typed /high5, tag the teammate you want to slap hands with, i.e. @dereklauritzen.

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Show some love

Lastly, type out what you want to give your teammates a high 5 for! A random high5 gif shows up, further emphasizing your appreciation. 

Positive teams are more productive.

Positive environments bolster productivity and positive behavior. It’s easy to get caught up in the business of the work world, but a strong team comes from a positive and encouraging environment.

In a study done at the University of Michigan, Kim Cameron and his colleagues found that teams excelled when they were in a positive and virtuous environment.


Get started giving your team high5's!