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With a revamped product portfolio, IMO needed a fresh communications strategy. A vibrant new visual identity and stunning website were just what the doctor ordered.
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IMO creates medical terminology and value set solutions that reduce administrative burden and enterprise inefficiencies for over 80% of US clinicians, including inside of roughly 100 EMR’s. Entering patient information into medical record systems without IMO is like internet searching without natural language processing. Their solutions allow physicians to focus on CARE not on CODES, providing google-like searching and so much more.

At IMO, a core team of clinicians, software developers and engineers combines computer science and medical expertise to help patients and healthcare professionals access high-quality health information quickly and easily to improve total patient health. IMO is laser-focused on leveraging electronic health records to power care as healthcare systems intended… Intelligently. Intuitively. Intentionally.

Working toward a better outcome​

The project officially commenced with a collaborative strategy session to listen intently to context, organizational goals, and how they apply to the work ahead. Both groups engaged in a variety of collaborative exercises including a style direction gut-check, brand personality slider, content block framing session, and a customer journey mapping session. These exercises allowed IMO’s team to hone in on what they were looking for, what their customers’ pain points are and potential opportunities, and from a high level what content was going to be necessary. All of which was focused on the goals set at the beginning of the project.

Design & user experience

With all of this information our design team was eager to start crafting the refreshed IMO visual identity and website that would resonate with IMO’s customers, help IMO shine as an innovative healthcare IT company, and communicate important structural changes to their portfolio of products and solutions.
IMO Style direction web design
Style Direction: Option 1
IMO Style Web Design
Style Direction: Option 2
IMO style web design
Style Direction: Option 3

We explored 3 unique design directions that varied from modern and experimental to professional and tech-focused. During the entire design exploration phase, we consistently went back to the goals and information gathered from our design exercises to make sure we were staying on track. After many hours of close collaboration with the IMO team, we landed on a design direction that was simple yet established, serious but approachable, and strong yet elegant.

Here at Solid Digital, we care a great deal about the user experience, so we made sure that during the design exploration we were focused on the impact it would have on the overall experience. These considerations included the technical—messaging, color accessibility, layout—but also the spirit the design would exude.

SEO and post-launch support

To coincide with the branding refresh, our teams came together to select a new domain name to replace the antiquated domain. The domain needed to be concise, memorable, and reflect IMO’s commitment to patient wellbeing. After careful consideration, we landed on, of course, was paired with some exhaustive SEO and redirect planning, with our marketing team working closely with IMO’s technical and IT leads.


After a successful launch (and a bit of fanfare) we meticulously ensured domain redirects were working properly, submitted the new website address to Google, and performed plenty of technical QA to ensure the site was loading quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, we’re thrilled to be able to continue to support the IMO team with their website hosting needs, security updates, and ongoing creative and technical support.

IMO Chicago website design and development
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