Managed Hosting and DevOps

Scalable managed website hosting solutions should provide fast load times, limited downtime, strong security measures, disaster recovery, and a team that can support you.

Uptime of 99.9% or higher

Your web hosting solution is the lifeline of every website. It needs to be fast, secure, and available.

AWS Managed Hosting

AWS Infrastructure

Amazon Web Servies are reliable, secure, and scalable. They provide flexibility and affordability with robust tools for small businesses to utilize high-quality and reliable hosting environments

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Managed Services

Managed services are activities performed by real people. They review server health, available disk space, security patches, and safe backup storage. They are also the people that you call when your site needs help.

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Our hosting environments receive security patches automatically. PCI scans and OWASP scans can be added on to your hosting solution making sure your customer’s personal information (PII) is as safe as possible. 

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Scalable Hosting Solutions

Using Amazon’s Beanstock and Relational Database Service (RDS) your environment can scale automatically on-demand. Otherwise, you can host your application on a single server, either way, we have you covered. 

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Continuous Integration (CI) provides the ability to add unit-testing to your application. Continuous Delivery (CD) automates the task of publishing your website. DevOps automation ensures that best practices are followed.

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Disaster Recovery

Each website is backed up daily, that’s code, databases and user-generated content. Source code and server configurations are safely saved in version control (SCM). Your website and data are completely protected. 

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Managed Host Dev Ops

Our Process: Step by Step

Process Step 1


The first step is to identify the needs of your solution. Solid Digital has created an assessment that guides you towards the right size solution.

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Once the needs of the solution are identified our team creates a plan to seamlessly move your site from the current location to a new environment.

Process Step 3

Setup & Migration

With an approved plan, we set up the new environment, migrate the code and data, and after testing and approval, we go live. Usually with no downtime.

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Monitor & React

The site is evaluated regularly and issues that arise are resolved. Live monitoring is enabled and so our teams are notified in the event of a problem.

Frequently asked questions

Will you host my website if I am not a client?

We provide hosting services specifically for our clients. So if you have worked with us at some point in the past, or your planning on it in the future, we offer reliable managed hosting services to you. We are not a discount hosting provider, we are a digital agency that completely takes care of their clients, in every way they can. So if you are in the Solid Digital family, we are happy to host your website.

Why is security important in my hosting environment?

Personal data should be protected as much as possible. I’m sure we have all been part of a breach at some point where our data was stolen. Don’t let this be you! Developers and hosting providers should be focusing on encryption, protecting personal information (PII), PCI best practices, the OWASP top 10, and so much more. Businesses need to make sure that their agency is taking security seriously.

Should I host my site on a managed server or WordPress Engine?

Services like WordPress Engine are great for hosting websites, they provide a simple interface, decent technology and reasonable disaster recovery tools.  We recommend our managed hosting services for clients that want to be hands-off managing and maintaining their hosting environment. With managed hosting services you get:

  • A team to take care of you
  • Increased control of security
  • Live monitoring
  • The ability to scale on-demand

How does your process protect me from a disaster?

All applications are setup to have live monitoring. That means if your environment isn’t healthy we are notified. In the event that your server is damaged and we need to launch a replacement. It’s not a problem, 30 days of backups are stored securely offsite. All of your code is saved in source control and all of our servers are provisioned using automation. The bottom line is that your site can have a catastrophic failure and you will be able to get back online quickly. 

Talk to Jesse

Do you need a scalable, managed hosting solution?

As a client, we’d be happy to assess your needs and provide a plan that is the right fit for your business.