Because great websites are built on knowledge, not assumptions.

Specialized Research

We do our homework.

We learn all we can about what makes you tick. What inspires you. Why you do what you do. Your values. Who you serve. Who your competitors are. We want to understand the problems you want to solve. We talk with your stakeholders. Survey your employees and customers. Develop user personas to better understand whose problems you’re trying to solve. We ask a lot of questions, and we listen, hard.

Laying a Strong Foundation

Competitor Analysis

We compare your current online presence with your key competitors to gain an understanding of where you are in relation to others in your market. We employ data sources like google analytics to gain valuable insights into search rankings, keywords and phrases, and traffic that will inform both the design of your site and your marketing strategies.

Customer Surveys

We employ surveys and other interview techniques to understand the wants and needs of your customers, employees, and stakeholders. This information is a critical first step in the design process, and helps drive the direction of the site’s architecture and content to ensure they are relevant to your core users.

User Personas

The information we gain from surveys and interviews allows us to craft profiles -- or personas -- of your site’s typical users. User personas are fictional profiles of the types of real people who use your products and services. Personas uncover the needs and desires of your target audience and provide us with a deeper understanding of their motivations for engaging with you.

Ready to Learn More?

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