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2022 End of Year Recap

From growing our team, collaborating with clients to bring their vision to life, winning several awards to hosting first-ever in-person get-together, it's been a good year. We enjoyed looking back at Solid Digital's 2022 to share some highlights with you.
image of a photo collage including Solid Digital's team members with the number 2022 at the center of the page.

We couldn’t be more excited for 2023. But before we get ahead, let’s remember that a lot happened in 2022. Like, a lot. Our team continues to find ways to adapt and thrive in this all-changing remote world. We continue to put our focus on sharing our expertise with those who seek to grow their businesses by increasing their digital value through digital strategy and initiatives.

With that in mind, here are some highlights for 2022:

Team Expansion

We expanded our Creative and Delivery teams and had three new faces added to our team roster. We intend to continue building a team of experts that are passionate about what they do. Ria Clement, Miguel Seclen, and Carly Vavra have integrated with our team flawlessly. They have been diving deep into their roles to provide our clients value through their knowledge and expertise.

Image of three individual employee portraits.

Our Launches

2022 was a busy year for website launches. Brands continue to recognize the importance of having an online presence that not only represents who they are and what solutions they offer, but they sets them apart from the competition and the noise within their industries. We were honored to partnered with top industry players to launch:

DELV website design
Restaurant 365 market page
Calbright website design

Culture & Collaboration

Culture events, recognition awards, and solid dailies continue to be part of our traditions at Solid Digital, but by far the biggest accomplishment for our Culture Committee this year was hosting our In-Person All-Hands in Denver. This gave our team the opportunity to get together to celebrate our wins, continue to build our internal relationship, collaborate on ideas that will help our clients thrive and most importantly realign our focus building our expertise to deliver the most value to our clients and help them grow. 

Image of Solid Digital's CEO, Jesse McCabe sitting next to Solid DIgital's Marketing Strategist, Marla Aistrope.
Picture of Solid Digital's Director of Technology, Peter Ajtai, sitting next to Senior Web Developer Luke Chinworth and Web Developer Dan Wright.
Picture of Solid Digital's COO, Travis McHattie sitting next to Director of Experiences, Diana Martinez.
Picture of Solid Digital's team hi-fiving each other
Solid Digital Agency Team in Denver

Work Recognition

We love the work that we do, and being recognize for our work always feels good. This year Solid Digital received:

That’s a wrap for 2022. But we can’t wait to share what next year has in store for our clients, our team, and readers like Y-O-U. Until then, stay connected and sign up for our Newsletter to get monthly insights and updates. 

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