Technical Consulting

We understand the impact digital transformation has on a team. It’s critical to get help performing the research, analysis, technical design, and implementation direction, so you can make the best decisions for your business.

Is your web portal up to snuff?

Many teams have a problem with the performance and usability of the web-based software they are required to use. 

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Technical Assessments

Engagements typically start with the use of assessments and interviews to gain a clear understanding of the current state and desired future state of a product or service. 

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Solution Design

Technical design documents are used to describe our digital solutions. Specifically,  the use of database diagrams (ERD), API docs, and flowcharts to describe our plan.

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Project Planning

With a clear understanding of the scope, our team uses an agile style backlog to illustrate the work involved in a solution. Work is ordered by the highest business priority and lowest effort items first.  

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Team Collaboration

It’s important that we get teams talking to each other. We can facilitate collaboration with goal-setting exercises, user journeys, interviews, and other interactive collaboration techniques.

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Charts, diagrams, training videos, API documentation, how-to guides, you name it. Our team wants you to understand the systems you are using or building and we’ll help create it.

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Support is a large part of a new initiative. We love documentation, but we love videos more. We’re available for facilitated instruction, documentation creation, and videos you can watch in the future.

solid technical consulting landing page
solid technical consulting landing page

Our Process

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Gather Requirements

Assessments and interviews facilitate the stakeholders of a project to provide the needed information to build out the requirements of a proposed solution. 

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With strong requirements established, we can research solutions that can be bought, leased, or built that solve our problem. Available options along with any potential tradeoffs are provided.

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Any new solution will come with tradeoffs. Typically we look for an intersection of simplicity, speed to implement, flexibility, and overall cost of ownership when providing recommendations. 

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There is more than one way to move forward with recommendations. We find the right balance between your team and ours to implement your ideas. The end goal is simple, reduce your pain, and increase your gains. 

Technical Consulting FAQs

Do I need technical consulting?

We can answer this question by asking a few questions in return.

  1. Do you have the skillset to make a good decision related to your technology future?
  2. Do you have the resources to do the necessary research to make a good decision? 
  3. Are you looking for an outside perspective?
  4. Can you implement your decisions on your own or will you need help?

Depending on how you answered these questions you might need a technical consultant. If you are not sure, give us a call we can help you decide.

What should I look for when hiring a technical consultant?

Before hiring someone to help you with your technology software decisions you want to make sure they are giving the right kind of support and are aligned with your needs. Here are some questions that can help you make a decision.

  1. Do you specialize in a particular technology like Microsoft Suite or Google?
  2. Do you focus on existing software solutions only? Or, do you also build custom software?
  3. What kind of deliverables will I receive as part of the engagement?
  4. Can you walk me through your process?

Honestly, the list of questions we have is much longer, feel free to reach out and we can help you ask the right questions to hire the right partner.

What do technical consultants do?

The term technical consultant is fairly broad. In the context of Solid Digital, our consulting services may include a technology evaluation and help you gain access to the data, requirements, user journeys, technical limitations, and budget to make smarter technology-based decisions.

We specialize specifically in web-based online platforms and custom web development that can solve specific problems in your business. Those solutions could relate to your customers directly, or your back office support staff.

What do I get when I hire a technical consultant?

When you hire Solid Digital for technical consulting you should expect a few things. 

  • Stakeholder working sessions and interviews
  • Customer Journey activities
  • Documentation
  • A product backlog
  • Recommendations supported by research and analysis
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Do you know where you are headed?

It’s hard to make all the decisions on your own. We’ve found its best to have someone in your corner.