Visual Design

We create compelling interfaces that delight the eye and evoke a positive emotional connection between your users and your brand.

True Design

Our approach: Keep it simple, explicit and true to who you are.

Great user experiences start with compelling visuals. We adhere to the time-honored golden rules of design in translating your objectives into enticing, eye-pleasing elements that guide users along their journey, and make getting to their destination easy and pleasurable.

Visual Design Process

Mood Boards & Style Guides

Informed by our extensive research and the technical requirements of the project, our designers hold intensive whiteboard sessions to bring the look and feel of your app into focus. We create mood boards to hone in on the essential visual components of your app, including colors, shapes and symbols, typography, layout, and images. We collaborate with your team to sign off, and then produce a style guide to keep things consistent.

Wireframes & Mockups

Next, we put flesh on your concepts. Our designers get to work on sketching out wireframes and mockups. We use both digital tools (InVision, photoshop, illustrator) and old-fashioned methods (like pen and paper) to depict exactly what users will see on their screen, and why.

Visual Blueprints

With feedback from your team, we make further refinements to our concepts and then craft a visual blueprint that will guide us in deploying the real thing.

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