Technical Specification

Before the building begins, we help you think your project all the way through.

Your great idea deserves thoughtful planning and execution. We guide your team through the in’s and out’s of the technical and design elements your app requires—and what it will take to get you from concept to testing to launch and beyond.

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We Dive Deep

Our strategic learning sessions are key to building a solid foundation for your project. We get to the heart of what you want to achieve with your app and the experiences you want your users to have. We collaborate with your team to fully understand your project’s feasibility, complexity, and scope, and ensure that we’re in alignment with your vision.
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We Think Ahead

What will your app let users do? We envision what that looks like–what users see on the screen, all the ways they interact with it, and what we need to build it. We also prepare for the future and consider the life of your app after it’s built– testing, launching, and keeping it functional and relevant, to your users and to your objectives.
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We Take a 360-degree View

We work from more than checklists. We provide you with a fully spec’d package that includes technical requirements, user stories that lay out what the user is able to do and how the app behaves, and visuals of the user experience. We also map out timelines, milestones and a potential sprint plan for the project–that is, the regular team meetings that keep the tasks and project on track.