App UI/UX Planning

Look. Feel. Experience. UI/UX is more than just skin deep. It’s the heart and soul of every app we build.


We design for users.

How your app looks and interacts with the user (the interface), and how it feels (the experience), are our designers’ chief concerns. Our UI / UX is informed by solid research about your target audience and what they want to accomplish.

Understanding Your Users

What do your users want?

We employ tools like competitor analyses, surveys, personas, scenario mapping and data to understand the needs and desires of your current and potential users. What does your app allow them to accomplish? Why do they need it? How will they use it?

User-informed design.

The knowledge we gain from our research brings into focus the visual and non-visual elements (like touch and voice) that entice users to interact with your app and guide them along on their journey.

Simplicity is our mantra.

Users shouldn’t need a manual to figure out how your app works or what all those icons mean. We strive to strike a perfect balance between form and function with attractive, straightforward design elements and pathways that make intuitive sense, from the user’s perspective.

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