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Our Digital Agency Visits Denver for the Annual In-Person All-Hands

As a fully virtual digital agency, Solid Digital decided to host our first annual in-person all-hands event in Denver, Colorado.

An In-Person All-Hands has been a company goal for several years, and it’s something we have worked hard to achieve. Originally, Solid Digital consisted of two offices in Portland and Chicago, but when we decided to take our company entirely virtual, our team grew larger and expanded into more locations—making the idea of having an In-Person All-Hands even more of a priority. 

The Culture Committee spent a lot of time and effort planning this special event for our team. Denver, Colorado, seemed like the perfect place for our digital agency to have our team come together. Not only is Denver a great city to visit, but it is also one of our top markets where we do business focusing on Denver Web Design

Web design & web development teams collaboration
Web design & web development teams collaboration

The Big Picture

As a digital agency, our team focuses on providing excellent work and sharing our expertise on all the projects and everything we do with our clients. We are constantly learning, experimenting, and improving our skills, our process, and the overall services we provide. We want to be the best at what we do, not only because we love our work but because of the satisfaction of seeing our clients grow. Whether through a new website redesign, growing their digital value through our Digital Growth Program, or simply having a client see a better ROI through our marketing services.

Everything we do is focused on helping businesses grow. Having our team come together to connect, build trust, have essential conversations, and reinforce our strategy and goals was a crucial part of our All-Hands event.

Web design & web development teams collaboration
Amber Curtis in Denver

The Approach

We had a dedicated session led by our CEO, Jesse McCabe, where we talked about our clients and the reasons behind the relationships that made them so successful. We shared our experiences with difficult situations, things we have learned, opportunities where we want to improve, and most importantly, we celebrated our wins.

We continued the team conversation with our COO, Travis McHattie. He spoke about the importance of our company positioning and how that relates to client relationship cycles. It allowed our team to analyze where we can provide the most value to our clients and use our expertise to help those clients grow in that cycle.

Jesse and Travis in Denver
Solid Digital team having a conversation
Solid Digital team meeting

The Fun

We believe in celebrating our wins and having fun after a good work day. The All-Hand’s plan allowed for some good team fun in Denver. From team lunches and dinners together, team building exercises, exploring the Botanical Gardens, hiking the famous Red Rocks Trail, and even our CEO getting a Solid Digital tattoo; it all allowed our team to continue working on our internal relationships, learning more from one and another, and experiencing a true human-centric culture that we have been fostering throughout the years. The Culture Committee and Leadership are already discussing the plans for next year’s event. The In-Person all-hands is a great opportunity to reinforce our company culture, collaborate, plan, and grow to continue providing great value and expertise to our clients. 

Digital Agency in Denver
Solid Digital Agency Team in Denver
Image of Solid Digital's CEO, Jesse McCabe sitting next to Solid DIgital's Marketing Strategist, Marla Aistrope.
Solid Digital Tattoo
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