Web Design

More goes into great web design than how a website looks. Of course, strong visuals are important, but intuitive websites seamlessly guide your visitors to their destination and act as a tool to help you achieve your marketing goals.


of people base the credibility of a business on how their website looks!

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User-Centered Design

Our approach puts people at the center. A website is where your business goals and your users’ goals come together. User-centered design practices such as customer and stakeholder interviews ensure we know who and what to design for and what’s most important to them.

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Custom Visuals and Graphics

A good web design layout will get you pretty far, but not all the way there. Your brand, personality, and offerings should be highlighted with custom visuals and graphics to create a unique web experience. Using unique visuals not only creates a visually appealing story but guides the reader’s eye with intention.

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Page Builder Design

A website should not be hard to update. We use page builders, specifically Elementor, to make it a pleasant and speedy experience. Elementor empowers your marketing team to make live changes quickly and our design team to have great control of the visual outcome.

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Conversion Optimization

Designers need to think about marketing objectives when designing a website. We keep marketing funnels and website conversions top of mind when designing the customer journey. All while making sure the experience is pleasant and builds trust in the brand.

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Mobile Optimization

In today’s world, no one goes without a phone. Mobile support is not optional anymore, your visitors expect a fast, optimized experience that provides what they need on-the-go. Your website should be carefully crafted to align with best practices and performance expectations.

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Usability Testing

As soon as possible, in a project, we show designs to real people to test the comprehension and usability of a website. It’s imperative to double-check user flows and first impressions before launching something new.

Our Process

Process Step 1

Empathize + Learn

Understanding who and what we are creating for is the center of any web design project we do. With every project, we create a plan to learn as much as possible about you and your users’s needs and goals.

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Crafting the Experience

With real insights in our hands, we get to work looking for patterns and trends in the data that will allow us to design an impactful solution. It is essential to tell the right story to capture an audience. Our research is used to direct the navigation, content organization, and user journey.

Process Step 3

Define Visual Language

After wireframing the experience, we define the visual language for the website. We bring together the brand, personality, and user journey to visualize the interface into something tangible, in the form of high fidelity mockups.

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Web Design + Dev

Our designers create websites with custom designs that are not only appealing and speak to your brand, but that motivate visitors to take an action. Our technologists provide functionality that empowers marketers.

Web Design FAQs

What is your design philosophy?

Our creative process begins with a user-first approach/mindset. Understanding the needs, wants, and motives of the individuals who interact with your brand and use your website is the foundational piece that informs our UX decisions. Through data & conversations, we spend the time needed upfront to learn & understand your customer journey(s). This equips us to provide recommendations on content and site structure before diving into any visuals.

What is the benefit of using Page Builder Design?

The number one benefit of using a page builder is that it saves time while designing and developing a website. At Solid Digital, we’ve been able to leverage a page builder on a number of projects now, which allowed us to streamline our typical web design process. The time we are saving allows us to focus more on things such as strategy, content, branding, and digital marketing. To learn more about why we use page builders check out this blog post from our creative director.

How do you measure the success of a website?

We work with our clients to define their goals and create a website that can be used as a tool to help achieve those goals. The success of a website is a moving target as goals change. We believe only with smart, continuous action can businesses combat the negative external factors that affect their website and create real, meaningful Digital Growth™.

Why is Elementor your Page Builder choice?

Elementor is a very flexible page builder that not only feels familiar for our designers, but is very easy for our clients to use. On top of that, Elementor works perfectly with our preferred platform WordPress. Lastly, Elementor has a large community, the product is growing very rapidly and they are listening very carefully to their users like us.

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Ready to impress your customers with a beautiful site?

Our team will work with you to understanding your users’ and your business’ goals to create a beautifully human-centered website that provides results.