Website Assessment

A strong website audit will provide insights that can align a digital strategy with a fantastic user experience. Solid Digital uses best practices to recommend a targeted website design and technology solution that communicates, engages and performs over time.

61% of all Google searches take place on a mobile device

As a result, starting on July 1, 2019, Google indexes all websites using a mobile-first algorithm. How well is your website serving mobile users?
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Digital Strategy

Many websites fall short achieving their goals. Assessing your digital strategy will evaluate how well the efforts performed online roll up into the overall business strategy. It’s important to do an analytics review and ensure that the correct key metrics are tracked and that you have the data necessary to help you make decisions.
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Design & User Experience (UX)

Research shows that customers trust companies more when they have a well-designed website. An overwhelming percentage will not refer to a company that has a bad user experience. We’ll evaluate your website navigation and website organization to ensure you are delivering the best user experience possible.
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SEO & Content Strategy

A content audit evaluates your communication online and ensures that the humans and machines both get what they need. We compare your targeted keyphrases with the content created. Your call-to-action strategy will be tested and technical SEO will be evaluated. We’ll create a report showing you how your site compares to others and proven recommendations that can help improve your results.
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E-Commerce Optimization

Evaluating a customer’s experience (CX) delivers insights that influence potential customers. A complete analytics review uncovers what you know and don’t know about your customers. Marketing automation and technology reviews illuminate ways to convert undecided customers.
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Website Performance

Website performance is an important ranking factor, websites that are slow to load see a much larger bounce rate than those that load quickly. We can tell you your overall speed score and provided recommendations to improve your website performance.
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Security Analysis

Cybersecurity is a growing concern as more businesses embark on digital transformation. Consumers are doing more business online than ever before. Solid Digital doesn’t want any of their clients caught by surprise by a cyber attack. We want to help keep your website safe.
Web Assessment
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Our Process: Sep by Step

Process Step 1


This phase focuses on information gathering. Data we collect depends on your business and needs. It’s important to collect any and all metrics that can aid our analysis.
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After the data is collected, we analyze it and look for the most impactful points. We examine our findings, match it back to your digital strategy and find insights that can make a difference.
Process Step 3


Our team takes great care to package up what we’ve learned and we prepare a final deliverable that your team can understand and use immediately.
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Present Results

At the end of our hard work, you will receive our full report of findings and recommendations. We present our findings, answer questions and discuss any next steps.

Frequently asked questions

What areas do you focus on when assessing a website?

Businesses are unique and assessments should be a valuable exercise of discovery and learning. A good assessment requires enough analysis and effort to make it helpful. For this reason, provide a variety of focus areas and depending on your needs we can dig deeper if needed.

How do you determine which assessments to complete?

When we work with new clients much of our sales process is an exercise of understanding. It’s important to understand what was done in the past, what the current state is, and what your goals are for the future. From that point, our team is better suited to make recommendations on what you might need. There are three levels of assessments that we offer. The first focuses on questions that are “yes” or “no” focused and can be answered easily. The next level is to perform a deeper understanding of metrics related to a focus area, these questions are answered with a number or value, no subjectivity. The last level is the deepest dive into a subject that includes analysis from a subject matter expert.

What will I learn from a website assessment?

The goal of any assessment is to determine the current state of things, good or bad. Assessments are used to create a baseline of technology, design, messaging, security and performance. Assessments provide clarity about how a business might view their digital presence, how they prioritize work, and what their internal/external expertise is around digital marketing. We then use this information to provide important recommendations that you can use.

Can I get a deeper audit into a specific area of my website?

Absolutely, different businesses have different needs. We don’t perform each of our available assessments for all companies, that would be overkill. We start with a general set and as a business need grows we might advise digging deeper into different areas. It’s important to also understand that the law of diminishing returns is also very relevant.  Some activities will not deliver the same amount of ROI the deeper you go. In other cases there is a business need.

Do you know the Digital Value of your website?

Our team is on a mission to create web experiences that communicate, motivate and look great.