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The Solid Digital Unicorn Employee

While the fantastical unicorn is a mythical creature, the Solid Digital Unicorn Employee is a rare, but 100% human manifestation of the unique magic that the unicorn represents.

The unicorn became our unofficial mascot when Derek Lauritzen, now VP and Creative Director began taking funny photos around the office with a giant unicorn head. It has since developed into a character used in our Ideal Client Profile (our Unicorn Client), holiday cards, marketing materials, the interviewer of our Solid Sit Down blog posts, and more.

Fast forward to today and the Unicorn Employee represents the ideal employee embodying the Solid Digital culture. It takes a certain type of person to work at Solid Digital  – with certain key competencies, behaviors, wants, needs and purpose – and as we grow our team, we will use the characteristics of our Unicorn Employee to ensure a continuation of our values.

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