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What is a Unicorn Employee at Solid Digital?

While the fantastical unicorn is a mythical creature, the Solid Digital Unicorn Employee is a rare, but 100% human manifestation of the unique magic that the unicorn represents.
Solid Digital Agency Team in Denver

The unicorn became our unofficial mascot when Derek Lauritzen, now VP and Creative Director began taking funny photos around the office with a giant unicorn head. It has since developed into a character used in our Ideal Client Profile (our Unicorn Client), holiday cards, marketing materials, the interviewer of our Solid Sit Down blog posts, and more.


Fast forward to today and the Unicorn Employee represents the ideal employee embodying the Solid Digital culture. It takes a certain type of person to work at Solid Digital  – with certain key competencies, behaviors, wants, needs and purpose – and as we grow our team, we will use the characteristics of our Unicorn Employee to ensure a continuation of our values

To keep things a little fun, a backstory of where the Unicorn Employee comes from was created by our Marketing Strategist, Marla Aistope.


The Unicornis Digitalis, otherwise known as the Solid Digital unicorn employee, was first discovered in the Northern Hemisphere in 2007. Initially thought to have some relation to the Narwhal (Monodon Linnaeus), the Unicornis Digitalis has since been proven to have evolved from the rare and fantastical Unicorn family.

Like other unicorns, the Unicornis Digitalis’s most prominent physical feature is a cephalic single, ornamental horn. However, what really sets this rare species apart from others are its distinctive attributes and behaviors.

Attributes & Behaviors

The Unicornis Digitalis is neither hunter nor scavenger, but a cultivator of creative craftsmanship, thoughtful collaboration, dependable service and honest guidance. For survival, the species depends on a varied diet of creative solutions, problem-solving, laughter and technology.

The species call – first documented in 2011 – is a string of highly specific musical notes and tones not found elsewhere in nature and used sparingly.
The individual members survive and thrive as a single, cohesive herd – caring for and strengthening one another through constant communication and support, as evidenced by the prevalent hoof-on-hoof high-fives (most notably used as a way to encourage and celebrate accomplishments). All members of the herd are known to work independently for the benefit of the group and those the group supports, as well as for self-improvement, learning and growth. Scientific field notes reveal that these creatures are at once fun and playful, as well as serious and dedicated.

Future Adaptability

The future of the Unicornis Digitalis is bright. As this species continues to expand at a healthy pace, no known predator has been identified as being successful in stopping the species from fervently living out its values. In fact, the species continues to strengthen not only in number but by constantly learning, adapting, and improving faster than most. Its ever-increasing endurance is clear in its journey of discovery and determination. Scientists expect the species to continue to evolve far into the future as a cohesive and supportive group that works tirelessly to positively impact the lives of others.

Jessica Alkass and the Unicorn
Solid Sit-Downs Diana
Pete Sitdown
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