Learn how Digital Growth® can help your organization.

To achieve growth, you must know what you’re measuring. Digital Growth® is defined as the increase or decrease of your Digital Value™ over time. With this worksheet, you’ll be able to:

Digital Growth Worksheet
Download the Digital Growth® Engine Worksheet

What’s in the worksheet?

Rally your team around common goals

Establish core business objectives to help you define and prioritize your initiatives. Begin with the end in mind.

Set baselines and goals for key KPIs

Collaborate with your team to identify and set specific goals that are measurable and attainable.

Define an action plan

Define Positive Forces (marketing activities) you can prioritize, assign, and put into action.

Measure Digital Value over time

Calculate your Digital Value as a single numeric value and track your team’s progress over time.

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The Digital Growth® approach.

Our greatest fear is creating something without real impact. So we start by understanding your business and forming a strategy that goes beyond the stand-alone product to deliver a holistic and sustainable solution.

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01. Learn

First, it’s important to understand what is important to you. We’ll educate ourselves on every little detail about your project, market, initiatives and overall business goals. Sorry in advance—we ask a lot of questions.

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02. Strategize

All that learning can’t be applied in a bubble, we’ll need to work together with you to build a strong plan. The sum of our previous experience and thorough discovery is applied collaboratively to a strategic blueprint.

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03. Create

Here is where the magic happens. Using just the right amount of process, creativity & tools we apply our experience to design & develop a solution that will set you up very well for creating meaningful Digital Growth.

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04. Grow

This is when your Digital Growth journey officially begins. The strategy now involves ongoing assessment, measurement, innovation, optimization, product development, and digital marketing.

Do you know your Digital Value?

Get it while it’s hot!

What gets measured gets done. Download the Digital Growth® Engine Worksheet today, rally your team, and create results!

Digital Growth Worksheet
Download the Digital Growth® Engine Worksheet