Program Roadmaps

Without a clear plan, it’s easy to get caught up in noisy low priority items. With planning and building accountability, you can stay focused on what’s important and create a measurable impact on your goals.

Most strategic plans fail

Only 2% of leaders are confident that they will achieve 80-100% of their strategic objectives

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Understanding your current state and your desired future-state is crucial to making an effective and relevant plan. Together we define measurable goals that will guide our roadmap.

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Customer Journey

Documenting the primary target audiences and mapping out the customer journey will clarify the current experience and highlight available opportunities.

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Based on what we’ve learned as a group, our teams will work together to brainstorm a list of initiatives that will impact the goals we set together in Discovery.

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With a list of important initiatives, we estimate each item’s effort and expected impact in relation to the goals we set. We assign a high, medium, and low range for both impact and effort of each item.

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We look for high impact/low effort items that provide quick wins. First, we look at the impact to focus on high, medium, then low impact items. For effort, we prioritize low, medium then high effort items.

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Plan + Grow

We build a timeline and schedule that aligns with our team’s availability. We regularly review our backlog to evaluate the impact of work done on our goals and adjust priorities as needed. 

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Program Roadmap FAQs

What type of work does a Program Roadmap cover?

The initiatives that make up the roadmap should all have an impact on the goals we set together. Other than that, the initiatives can cover a wide variety of work from improvements to a website or web app, PPC, SEO optimization, content creation, marketing campaign creation, or ongoing management.

Does the Program Roadmap only outline work for Solid Digital?

The Program Roadmap should be a list of all Digital initiatives for the upcoming or current year. The work is typically completed by both the Solid Digital team and our client’s team. The roadmap is meant to provide visibility between teams to ensure everyone is working toward the same goals and that any blockers or collaboration that is needed is planned for in advance. 

How do we track progress?

We typically organize our work into two week sprints. We incorporate sprint demos into our team meetings to review the current state of the work being done. This allows our teams to provide feedback and incorporate it into the upcoming sprint. By working this way we are able to make progress on new initiatives along with refinement and shorten the time needed to launch. 

What if our priorities change?

As we work through initiatives each month, we’ll measure their impact on the goals we set. If we find the impact less than expected, we may determine together to adjust our priorities. While these priorities may change, we recommend that the goals set are constant for the year, when possible.  


Not Sure Where to Start?

Whatever your digital initiatives are, let us help you put together a plan that will help get there.