Usability Testing

Usability Testing

We do the research to design the most usable product, then hunt down and destroy the bugs and glitches that can kill your killer app.

What’s the surest way to get users hooked on your app? Research. Test. Refine. Test again. Repeat. Once your app is built, we take painstaking measures to make sure it performs the way it’s supposed to—and that it actually accomplishes your business objectives.

Our Approach

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We test early, and often.

We perform frequent testing throughout all the iterations of your app, from the design phase to pre-launch and through deployment and in the real world, with real users. What’s broken, we fix. What can work better, we refine.

UX & QA testing.

Does it get the job done? Does it make life easier? Is it friendly? From “hallway testing” to customer surveys and focus groups, we work within your budget to ensure your app is defect-free, that the experience is an enjoyable one for your users, and is consistent across platforms and devices.

Optimize for conversion.

How are users engaging with your app? Or do they install and then abandon? Our team monitors user feedback and how they experience the app in real time, making tweaks along the way to enhance your app’s navigation and functionality (the user’s journey), and its value to your users.