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Does your website align with your brand? Is it user-friendly? Is it engaging? Does it convert? Can you and your marketing team easily make updates?

The questions above are indicative of the problems facing marketing leaders today. The good news is that you have a growing brand. The problem you face is that your website is not only not helping your burgeoning brand, it’s holding you back. Your brand deserves better. As do your customers, potential customers, partners and stakeholders. (And not least of all – you).

At Solid Digital we believe in the potential of brands and the marketing leaders who champion them. We are a web design agency – and we think our creative team creates some drop-dead gorgeous designs – but those designs only work because of everything else we do – from following our values to our data-driven process and approach to website design.

Starting with our sales process (and through our learn and discover phase), we gather information. We listen intently. We soak it all in. Sure there’s plenty our expert designers, programmers and digital strategists know and share. But in order to apply that knowledge, it’s important that we immerse ourselves in your brand, messaging, target personas, objectives, goals, likes and dislikes and future state among other things.

Working collaboratively with marketing leaders and teams, we move from learning to strategize where we firm up a sitemap and navigation to take users on the journey that leads to the results we desire. We build out wireframes – blueprints for the pages of your future redesigned website. We agree on a style direction. And we revise and reiterate to ensure everything fits together along with what we learned from the very beginning. Because your brand = your website. And this time, we’re all going to get it right.

Once creation begins, the alignment is there and the anticipation is high. Launch day is always a celebration involving our team and our client teams. We take pride in what we’ve all accomplished. And then, we continue to move the needle forward – we use that beautiful new website as it’s intended. Through our Digital Growth program, we focus on visibility, engagement and lead generation. We track and measure Digital Value. We set goals. We meet them. We readjust. We continue to grow.

If this sounds like the kind of website (and partnership) you are looking to build for the here-and-now and for the future of your brand, let’s chat!

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Our Web Design Process

We create impactful and user-friendly digital experiences with purpose


Brand Discovery + Digital Strategy

We’ll educate ourselves on every little detail about your industry, organization, and business goals.


Personas + Sitemaps + Wireframes

With the end goals in mind, we create a strategic blueprint that defines the strategic approach. 


Wordpress Design & Development

We collaborate closely with your team to design and develop an award-winning website.


Consulting + Tech Support + Optimization

Your Digital Growth® journey is just beginning.  Let’s build marketing strategies that work!

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Local clients we work with

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Portland Web Design Team
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Frequently asked questions

How do I choose a digital agency in Portland?

Choosing the right digital agency for your brand is vital to the success of a long-term partnership and the outcomes of the work your agency will complete. We believe finding the right agency fit depends on finding a good culture match. Aligned values and understanding lead to a trusting, collaborative and ultimately successful match. Looking at the About pages of agencies and asking questions about their culture and values as you begin to explore your options can help.

Is Solid Digital the right Portland web design company for my brand?

We work best with established organizations that have a marketing leader and team in place. Our website redesign process is built around supporting that marketing team in order to meet their objectives in addition to the overall goals of the company.

As a digital agency in Portland, what services do you offer?

Aside from our full website redesign process, we have a full team of developers and marketers to help clients with all of their digital needs and assets. Our most unique offering is our ongoing collaborative Digital Growth program which we offer with either a marketing or web support and maintenance focus.

What is the timeline for a website redesign project?

Our timeline follows our process with time for onboarding our internal team, conducting a learn and discover phase, a strategize phase and then a create phase. We have found that the work we do to understand your brand and objectives is vital to the successful website build and outcomes. Depending on the size and scope of the website, it can take anywhere from two to six months to launch.

Recent web design projects

Online community college Calbright wanted to advance along with its enrolled students, and provide long-term student success through economic opportunities and education. To grow its enrollment and impact, Calbright needed strategic growth—they needed Digital Growth Marketing.

Hometown America wanted to boost home sales and easily update community information. Outfitted with improved UX, accessibility and a consistent design, their new site is the first step of enhancing the quality of life for anyone searching for a Hometown America community.

PEC came to Solid Digital specifically for their Digital Growth program. In PEC’s period of growth, they needed to be found by their ICP (ideal customer profile) more easily—through search and and an increased online presence.

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