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What We are Thankful for in 2021


Fall is in the air, and that leads us to thoughts of warming beverages, good company, and being thankful for what we have. Here at Solid Digital, we have a tradition of building a “Gratitude Wall” to share all of the things that we are grateful for, from large to small, with our team and the community.

This past year has given our team several outstanding opportunities to bring projects to fruition. This strengthened our relationships with each other and our clients, such as Brandtrust, Therapeutic Associates, Welcome Software, Annenberg Foundation, for the Wallis Annenberg Genspace, and Ajinomoto, to name a few.

One challenge that the year brought for all of us, was the switch to our entire team going fully remote, which led to a large shift of our culture activities and traditions in order to maintain them in a virtual environment. This was our second year of transitioning our ‘analog’ sticky note wall in our office to a Digital Gratitude Wall. The concept remained the same, but now the convenience of dropping a note on the wall from the comfort of our home offices meant that people could contribute even more ideas!

Gratitude from the team included many things, such as having such wonderful teammates and leadership, appreciation of our friends and family around us, and our clients that trust us to bring their projects to life.

2021 has been a year filled with changes, big wins, new relationships, and unexpected situations that have taken a great deal of time, understanding, and effort to navigate. However, this year has highlighted what amazing people we work with. We are sincerely thankful for our team, our clients and our community of marketers and look forward to continuing our journey together in the New Year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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