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What Makes a Great Website and How Does It Impact Business?

Learning what makes a great website can make all the difference when it comes to keeping visitors on your site and increasing conversion rates.

The internet is vast. There are more than 1.5 billion websites in existence today, and that number keeps increasing.

While your site may be one of many, it is still entirely possible to stand out, especially to your target audience.

Continue reading to learn what makes a great website and how having one can genuinely impact your business.

Good Websites Have Great Content

While your businesses may sell great products and services, these are not the only site elements that draw your customers in.

Good website design consists of tailoring your content to your target audience, whether it be consumers or other businesses.

Your site needs more than just information on your services. It requires great content to truly thrive.
Filling your website with helpful blog posts, videos, and other resources helps establish your business’s credibility and shows customers that you know what you’re doing.

More regularly-updated site content also comes with the added bonus of drawing customers regularly. This makes them more likely to purchase from you again, especially if they had a positive experience the first time.

Organization is Key

While content is an essential element of good website design, the organization is just as valuable.

It’s like the products you sell. Sure, the products look appealing in their boxes. However, they are only made accessible when placed neatly on shelves customers can reach.

In the same way, make your website like your store. Make your content and sales pages user-friendly and easy to find. If your site holds a lot of content, consider separating it into categories so potential customers can find what they want.

Also, ensure you add a page for customers’ frequently asked questions and keep it updated. Make sure your business contact info is easy to find.

Aesthetics are Important

Many websites have excellent organization and content, but you can take it a step further by focusing on aesthetics.

Treat your site like it’s a second home or business location. Great websites look well-taken care of and are updated often.

When adding new images or graphics though,  pay attention to your website’s speed. Slow speeds can negatively affect your sales.

Ar reliable site can attract customers and keep them long term.  Your website needs to be organized and updated. Customers can tell if a site looks abandoned.

A good website is like having a freshly mowed lawn or a brand-new display window. It’s more appealing to the viewer.

Make sure to check your site regularly so you can ensure it’s aesthetically pleasing and that everything is working correctly. This will help your website to stand out in terms of quality and indeed be the best it can be.

Consistency Builds Trust

Being consistent shows that you are excited about your business and leads your website to be filled with more helpful content over time, which further builds trust among customers.

A good habit it to update your website frequently and consistently to provide regular viewers with new, high-quality content.

Many people like to post blogs weekly. Some choose to do multiple posts a week. However, if your schedule doesn’t allow for that, don’t worry! You can set your frequency to whatever works best for your business. The key is to do it consistently and create unique and valuable content.

If your work hours vary from week to week, try to batch, creating content, and scheduling your posts to upload automatically over a period of time. Creating content in advance is a great strategy that will allow you to stay consistent even on your busiest weeks. This will help you establish trust with your target audience and shows you are a reliable source of information in your industry. Replying to comments can help further build this trust, making people more likely to interact with your website in the future.

Make sure to get feedback and adjust as needed so you can provide the most relevant and helpful content. An easy way to do this is to send out a quick survey to your email list.

Using a Website to Impact Your Business

Your website is one of the most valuable tools you can use to impact your business. 

It is an excellent tool to grow your business as you can expand geographically and reach further than just a storefront. You can reach members of your target audience that you would never previously have contact with.

Good website design helps establish credibility because it shows that your business cares about the smallest details and that your products will mirror the same quality.
Yet, on the other hand, a poorly designed website can do the opposite. Poorly designed websites can frustrate customers and cause you to lose business because they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Your website can impact your business negatively or positively. Make sure to access your business potential by making your website the very best it can be.

What Makes a Great Website?

Your customers  may view many sites, but yours can still stand out from the competition. Make sure to apply these tips so that your website will be useful and attractive to your target audience.

Need website help? We offer services that can help you make your best website yet. Or, if you want to learn more great tips, explore our blog!

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