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Aesthetic and Practical: 9 Awesome Web Design Trends of 2020

The new decade has lots to offer in terms of web design, and we've got just what you need to stay on top of all the current web design trends.
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9 Web Design Trends That a Portland Web Design Agency Can Help With.

Any worthy Portland web design company or site owner understands just how important it is to keep up with the latest web design trends. That’s because 88% of your site visitors are unlikely to return after a bad impression, and your web design is 94% of your visitors’ first impression.

In 2020, we have some entirely new trends while we have a couple of trends that picked up from late last year. There has been a slight shift to minimalism, which not only looks good but is great for your loading speeds. Playful cursors have also resurfaced for websites looking to add some spunk to their overall user experience.

Those examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Read on and learn nine amazing web design trends of 2020 that you should consider implementing.

1. Illustrations & Animations

Illustrations are nothing new in web design, but in 2020 we see a resurgence of custom illustrations and animations. These illustrations don’t just breathe life into your site; rather, they scream life into it.

To stand out from the pack, do your best to avoid the trite images from Shutterstock. Not that Shutterstock images are bad in any way; it’s just that it’s difficult to find illustrations that are creative and reflect your company’s image.

Good custom illustrations are etched in creativity. So make sure your illustrations are unique, and if it suits your websites, make them pop with color. This brings us to our second point.

Custom Website Illustration

2. Vibrant Colors and Bold Lettering

Big and “in-your-face lettering” is a trend that picked up from last year but is gaining traction with plenty of sites this year. Couple your big lettered headlines with vivid colors throughout the site, and you have a website worthy of your visitors’ attention.

With big, bold headlines, you need to use the correct font for the greatest effect. For professional and corporate sites, use more formal fonts, but less serious sites can adopt more whimsical fonts. Also, when you combine them with colors, use a solid background, avoid blending multiple colors, or it will make the site a bit awkward.

Bold Colors and Typography in Website Design

3. Asymmetric Design

Asymmetry is a timeless design that still maintains its elegance and chicness, even in the new decade. Web designers have to be careful with asymmetry because you either get it right or get it disastrously wrong.

That’s why it’s so important to go through the discovery phase and find out if asymmetry will really work for your site. Start with asymmetric square or rectangle grids; see if they work for you, then you’ll make improvements after.

Example of Asymmetrical Design Elements in Web Design

4. Voice Interface

Voice interface in sites has been a hallmark of the new decade. Integrating voice capability on your website is a wise move, considering the popularity of Siri, Alexa, and other voice assistants.

Though it doesn’t add much to the overall design of the site, voice capability is invaluable in terms of functionality. Plus, it shows that your site is considerate of visitors with disabilities.

5. Grid Design

Grid design takes after the now-defunct Microsoft Windows Phone mobile interface. The CSS grid layout has been all the hype with web designers from late 2019 to 2020. Try matching colored grids for enhanced visual appeal or animated grids to achieve the same.

If you’re having trouble matching colors on your grid design, then you can use this helpful tool. Grid design will work great across all browsers and doesn’t hurt your loading speeds. It also makes it easier for visitors to understand your site.

Example of Grid Design that Works on Mobile

6. Dynamic Scrolling

Dynamic scrolling is just what your site needs to add a dash of playfulness while enhancing functionality. Breaking down your pages into “scrollable” segments makes for faster loading speeds. So while you’re segmenting your pages, why not incorporate some dynamic scrolling.

For instance, find a unique way between how the different segments transition. Be creative and get a reputable web design company to crystallize your vision. With dynamic scrolling, the methods are virtually limitless and aim for creativity to stand out from the rest.

Couple dynamic scrolling with a playful cursor and your website will be a sure winner.

7. Microinteractions

Microinteractions break the usual monotony of a website. They also help give the website a more human element. Just like dynamic scrolling, there are tons of ways you can get creative with your micro-interactions.

Some good examples of micro-interactions are when images change from color to black and white when the cursor goes over them. Another nice example is a button lighting up when you place the cursor over it.

Example of using animation as micro-interaction

8. Soft Edges

The usual sharp-edged rectangular and square edges of elements of websites are slowly being phased out by smoother-edged elements. Softer rounded edges are less intimidating and friendlier to your web visitors. It also gives your site a modern feel.

Look at the new Facebook interface to understand how these softer edges work. A combination of these soft and sharp edges might work if you do it carefully. However, it’s always best to stick to just one style

9. Chatbots

Not a lot of businesses can afford to have live chat windows on their sites. Even if live chat is an option, they can’t have a chat representative online all day. That’s why most sites resort to chatbots to answer the common questions most web visitors have.

Chatbots will answer these common questions and can also be a design highlight if you use the right illustrations and animations for your chatbot. Find a way to direct your visitors to a contact email when the chatbot is unable to answer a question.

When it comes to website design, remember, apart from visual appeal, you should also design for improved site performance. Some design elements may ruin your site’s structure or may be detrimental to your site’s performance.

Design Your Site for Better Functionality With Portland Web Design

The right Portland web design company will give you a visually appealing website that also optimizes your site’s performance. Contact us today for professional web design that strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

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