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Walking You Through our Digital Growth® Process, Step-By-Step

Our Digital Growth process can help your team get a clear idea of what you’re trying to accomplish and give you a roadmap on how to get there.
Digital Growth

In an effort to measure the effectiveness of our projects or programs, we’ve created a worksheet that incorporates methods we have used for years to bring focus to the planning, strategy, and basic structure of executing a digital initiative.

The following represents a step-by-step walkthrough of our Digital Growth Worksheet, and how each step can benefit your organization achieve measurable growth over time.

Step 1 Illustration

Step One

Identify Business Objective

Briefly describe your top priority business objective (something measurable and attainable).

Step Two

Define Key Performance Metrics

Define the top 3 metrics that will be measured (each month) to define success. Once you’ve defined your key metrics, enter in a value representative of a “low” value, and a “high” or “target” value).

Digital Growth
Digital Growth

Step three

Calculate the Range

Calculate the difference between “Low” and “Target” values that you put for your Key Performance Metrics. This will be important further down in your score calculations.

Step four

Positive Forces

List 10 growth-focused activities that can be done to improve the current metrics. Rate each activity’s impact (low, med, high) and effort/cost (low, med, high).

Digital Growth
Digital Growth

Step five

Negative Forces

List up to 5 factors not within your control which could negatively impact your organization’s ability to support your Business Objective defined in Step 1 (low, med, high).

Step six

Action Items

Define an initial 3-month schedule comprised of actions you will take as an organization to improve your Key Performance Metrics defined in Step 2. Prioritize the lowest effort, highest-impact activities first.

Digital Growth
Step 7 Illustration

Step seven

Habit Building

Based on the actions and activities documented, list out 3 habits that need to be adopted within your organization to support the Digital Value mindset.

Success as a habit


Digital Growth Tracker

This is where the fun math comes in, and we determine the metric around your Digital Value. You’ll use this sheet to track your monthly changes in Digital Value, and measure your Digital Growth).


Monthly Meetings

Ensure that you are on track by having monthly meetings. This will help you track your progress, adjust efforts, push forward your initiatives, and you’ll be able to determine how much your Digital Value has improved month-over-month.


3 Month Reassessment

After you have completed your first three-month plan you should review your results, celebrate your wins, and plan the next three months.

Are you ready to create growth in your organization?

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