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Sharing the Love

As we approach Valentine’s Day, we asked our team to share some things they love about working with our clients. As with any relationship, it’s easy to get into the swing of things and forget to stop and smell the roses. This was a great time for us to think about and share how fortunate we are to have some of the best clients and collaborative working relationships we can imagine.
Cover Sharing The Love
Barbara Morrigan

“I like the happiness that we bring to the client when they end up with the final result. So good to see when their pains and concerns turn into a living product that makes the world a bit better.” 

“I love being able to set up our clients for success by guiding them through our tried-and-true processes and tools.”

Mackenzie Verrey

“I really enjoy the celebration planning and coming up with unique, creative things to do with their team as we get closer to (and upon) launch.”

Hayley Johnson

“I like working with clients on complicated requests, digging in to really figure out what we're trying to solve and working together to find the solution that fits best.”

Derek Lauritzen
Rachel Brenner

“I love it when we have a trusting relationship with a client. We put a lot of effort into becoming a trusted partner and proving ourselves and it really pays off.”

“I love when we get to activate some of our "Secret Service" tactics to make our clients feel special. It's always nice to be able to make someone's day without them expecting it. Who knows you might get a special delivery from Solid Digital unexpectedly.”

Diana Martinez
Marla Aistrope

“I love the a-ha moments that we share with our clients. These often happen during discovery sessions when we are working together towards a common goal, but coming from different perspectives or angles.”

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