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The Importance of Communication in a Time of Uncertainty

Like you, we're monitoring the latest news about the coronavirus (COVID-19), and are aware of the increased impact its been having in our communities.
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To our customers and readers,

Like you, we’re monitoring the latest news about the coronavirus (COVID-19), and are aware of the increased impact its been having in our communities.

I have been talking to other business owners and clients about the impact it’s taken on their operations. One of my friends had to shutdown his business for the next two weeks because a person on their floor was infected. Another has had over 30% of their scheduled jobs cut due to events being cancelled (probably more by now). Whether any of us on this list actually catch the virus, it’s obvious we are already being directly affected by it.

Importance of Communication

As I’m sure you know, communicating anything that may affect your service to your clients and employees is extremely important. A few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Display a headline banner on your homepage to inform of customers of any potential issues they may have in time or delivery
  • Create a blog post or landing page which keeps a log of links to news or relevant operations changes specific to your organization
  • Social media … Twitter or Facebook will be the places most people go to find the most recent updates
  • If you need any help creating content or setting up support channels please contact me.

We are looking to help in any way we can.

Steps we are taking to stay safe:

At Solid Digital, we had implemented a Work From Home policy a couple of years back, this has prepared our team for the current working situation. Our hours and work schedule remains the same, and our number one priority is helping our clients during this uncertain times.

Here are some of the current practices we have implemented for our team:

  • All team members are to work remotely until further notice to keep the team and the public safe
  • All our work travel and in-person meetings have been rescheduled for virtual meetings
  • We are working with our clients to accommodate their needs scheduling needs¬†
  • Encouraging our team to follow CDC and WHO guidelines at all times

Also, we are suspending the use of high-fives as a way to congratulate each other, but will continue to use our slack app to deliver virtual fives instead:


Jesse McCabe
CEO, Solid Digital

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