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The Benefits of Having a Google My Business Listing

With over 75 percent of the search market share, Google receives 5.6 million search requests per day. You'll want to make sure you are doing everything you can do make your business more discoverable.
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If a business does not have an online presence nowadays, it’s missing a huge opportunity to expand its market and potential customers. There are many free online directories where a business can create a listing. However, Google My Business is the must-have listing on the web. With over 75 percent of the search market share, Google receives 5.6 million search requests per day. Google My Business Listing is a free tool that can help your business be more discoverable.

Why Should You Set up a Google My Business Listing?

Setting up a Google My Business account is easy, and it won’t cost you a penny. Not only can you create a profile listing for your business, but you can connect with your customers via the Google platform and Google Maps easily. Google My Business provides your business with a platform to share business updates, photos, videos, menu items, offers, and much more. Google My Business will provide you with insights on how your customers are connecting with your business. Allowing you to use those insights to create a more engaging experience for them, whether that translates into more online communication for those following you online, in-person promotions for those asking for directions to your business, or one-time offers or discounts for those who interact with your business online. In short, having data allows you to be more creative with your marketing and promotions.
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What are some of the benefits of using Google My Business?

Besides providing you with great insights, Google My Business has many benefits that can give your business an advantage over those who are not actively using the tool or don’t use it well.

Stand Out

A listing in Google My Business can help you stand out from your competitors when filled out correctly. Incorporating your products’ video and images, behind the scenes imagery, and your team can give customers insight into your brand personality and humanize your business.

Showing up on Google Maps Searches

Research shows that Google Maps is the preferred navigation app for 67% of consumers. Optimizing your listing will allow it to be more relevant for searches and show up first within those searches. Showing up on Google Maps first is not always guaranteed, but when a listing is optimized correctly, you can sometimes end up in the coveted “Local 3-Pack.”

The Local 3-Pack are the three results shown on Google that focus on businesses that are the most relevant to your search. The results vary when the location is changed, based on the companies closest to you, but a well-optimized listing with client reviews can give your listing a higher chance to be part of the 3-Pack.

Helps You Earn Customers' Trust

As we mentioned in our blog post on Best Practices for Managing Online Reviews, 90% of consumers check online reviews before visiting or buying from a business. Reviews give insight to potential customers on what to expect from a company. However, they also help build trust amongst potential customers and build loyalty with those who use your services or frequent your business. 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust local businesses more.

Google My Business makes it easy for your customers to leave a review by simply visiting your listing.

Establish a Dialogue with Your Customers

Communicating with customers via updates or replying to positive or negative reviews allows you to establish a public dialogue with your customers. Communicating with your customers gives you a better understanding of their needs and helps prospective customers see how you interact with customers and solve any issues.

Easily Accessible

Whether you are in the office or on the go, you can manage your listing via the dashboard or the mobile app. The app allows you to manage your listing, create promotions, share news, and everything else you can do on the dashboard. You’ll be able to always keep your listing current.

Marketing Kit

Within Google My Business, you will find the Marketing Kit feature, where you can download your in‑store kit and receive printable posters, signs, and stickers for your business.

It's Time to Setup Your Google My Business Listing

From helping boost your local SEO to helping your customers find your phone number, there are many benefits of a Google My Business listing. It’s time to create a Google My Business listing for your business and take advantage of all its features.

If you would like to know more about Google My Business and SEO, why not speak to a team member – we are happy to help you.

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